The World World Census

The Highest Average Tax Rates in the World

Although some nations have a flat tax rate for all citizens while others tax the rich more heavily than the poor, the World Census used averages to rank the world's most taxing governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
206,061.The Borderlands of Rogue Wolves-35Anarchy“I never lose, either I win, or LEARN.”
206,062.The Most Serene Republic of EkvelsoCompulsory Consumerist State“Strength Through Freedom”
206,063.The Queendom of CaihongAnarchy“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
206,064.The Kingdom of Womble 29Anarchy“By The People For The People”
206,065.The United States of ARQUELIACorporate Bordello“Motto...”
206,066.The Kingdom of Womble 265Anarchy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
206,067.The Queendom of FynwyAnarchy“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
206,068.The Kingdom of Womble 825Anarchy“Might Makes Right”
206,069.The Dominion of Test Boat 25Capitalist Paradise“Museum Placeholder”
206,070.The Kingdom of Womble 1015Anarchy“From Many, One”
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