The World World Census

The Most Ignorant Citizens in the World

The World Census studied which nations seemed to have the greatest numbers of citizens that fell into the categories "ignorant," "oblivious," or "just plain dumb."

NationWA CategoryMotto
256,971.The Free Republic of FrappuccinoCapitalist Paradise“mmm... coffee”
256,972.The Quest of Circles SquaredCivil Rights Lovefest“Pore Spelers of the Wurld, Untie!”
256,973.The Federal Republic of ReichslandLeft-Leaning College State“God Over All”
256,974.The Relocated Tribes of UlfingenCivil Rights Lovefest“Howl along!”
256,975.The Virtuous Martial Imperium of BrunovIron Fist Consumerists“With Virtue, To Arms. With Arms, To Glory.”
256,976.The Constitutional Diarchy of Vystercia-NasucreaLeft-Leaning College State“Freedom and Brotherhood!”
256,977.The Federal Republic of LittlemarkCivil Rights Lovefest“The Biggest Little Nation In The World”
256,978.The Stratocracy of SkydiveriaLiberal Democratic Socialists“With reverence, we will conquer”
256,979.The Diabetically Cute Rodents of Mesocricetus Auratus PeninsulaCivil Rights Lovefest“hammie boye”
256,980.The Absolute Certainty of 84 point 25 AnomalyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Anomaly. What anomaly?”
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