The World World Census

The Most Advanced Law Enforcement in the World

World Census interns were framed for minor crimes in order to measure the response times, effectiveness, and amount of firepower deployed by the law enforcement agencies of different nations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
256,801.The Kingdom of Womble 863Anarchy“You Can't Stop Progress”
256,802.The Kingdom of Womble 864Anarchy“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
256,803.The Kingdom of Womble 869Anarchy“Strength Through Freedom”
256,804.The Kingdom of Womble 872Anarchy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
256,805.The Kingdom of Womble 877Anarchy“Might Makes Right”
256,806.The Kingdom of Womble 878Anarchy“You Can't Stop Progress”
256,807.The Republic of Holor LegiusCivil Rights Lovefest“Things explode”
256,808.The Republic of Test boi 1Anarchy“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
256,809.The Sentai Team of PR RPMFather Knows Best State“RPM, get in gear!”
256,810.The Most Serene Republic of Static ShockCivil Rights Lovefest“Motto...”
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