The World World Census

The Largest Pizza Delivery Sector in the World

World Census staff spent many nights answering the front door in order to measure which nations have the biggest Pizza Delivery industries.

NationWA CategoryMotto
164,301.The The Type-1 Hypervisor of LambdalandDemocratic Socialists“A VM and a VM and a VM and a VM and a VM and a ...”
164,302.The Great Nation of New EchelonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For a better future, always look forward”
164,303.The Masonic Administration of Attached MexicoPsychotic Dictatorship“UM sobre todas las cosas”
164,304.The Federation of Hangates of Athara MagaratDemocratic Socialists“Unity in Diversity.”
164,305.The Republic of BricklandiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Responsible Freedom with Logical Restrictions”
164,306.The 13th Socialist Republic of Yekateria and FarlandiaCorrupt Dictatorship“Home of the free and home of the great!”
164,307.The Imperialist Colony of Sector 1-10Father Knows Best State“There is no such thing as a free lunch”
164,308.The United Confederacy of BaalkistannInoffensive Centrist Democracy“победа в единстве”
164,309.The Undead Empire of ExosisDemocratic Socialists“Everyone is the same in the Eyes of Death”
164,310.The Five Fingered Discount of IvetniaDemocratic Socialists“To science; may it save us all”
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