Nations of Nukes4Breakfast

  1. The United States of The Ancient WorldS
  2. The Plantation of Naughty Slave GirlsI
  3. The Duchy of VitsipanE
  4. The Kingdom of AllerionaE
  5. The Free Land of Well This SucksI
  6. The Federated Island Republic of ZocraS
  7. The Fderation of Australian rePublicE
  8. The Corporate island of WickmarshE
  9. The Republic of Austin Independent School DistrictM
  10. The Democratic People's Republic of QuelshE
  11. The Christmas nation of The first Galactic RepublicE
  12. The Community of ClergouxI
  13. The Imperial Republic of Arconian EmpireS
  14. The Imperial Republic of Imperial ArconiaE
  15. The Galactic Empire of Arconian ImperiumS
  16. The Federal Republic of Dolor MortisM
  17. The Free Land of JainathS
  18. The Republic of Autobot Sentinel PrimeM
  19. The Republic of Nova PrimeI
  20. The Republic of DemolishorE
  21. The Republic of AI Zone of EndlessE
  22. The Republic of Princess LucinaS
  23. The Republic of Staten Island FerryM
  24. The Republic of Walhart the ConquerorE
  25. The Republic of MiG-21I
  26. The Republic of Mihaly A ShilageE
  27. The Republic of The Imagination AnimalsE
  28. The Free Land of William BeebeM
  29. The Free Land of Really Big Bama FanE
  30. The Compulsory Consumerist State of AzohahaeI
  31. The United Socialist States of Hobnailed JackbootsS
  32. The People's Republic of DaicooM
  33. The Empire of Imperialist BonaparteE
  34. The Community of The NeversE
  35. The Community of The TouchedI
  36. The Half-Baked Principality of HustlertwoM
  37. The Traveler of Holiday JumperI
  38. The Community of Trench MouthI
  39. The Socialist Democracy of IgusioguslandE
  40. The The beautiful democracy of GleemandsS
  41. The Community of The Mother GooseS
  42. The Grand Empire of New mega KiwiE
  43. The Greatest Ambassador of Embassies4BreakfastI
  44. The Poll-Holder of PollRegioniaM
  45. The Rogue Wildcard of EmbassyRegi0niaM
  46. The Ronafariynn of WestobityS
  47. The Queendom of SyastaS
  48. The Dictatorship of DexarS
  49. The Celts of The Anglo-Celtic AmbassadorS
  50. The Republic of Fruit loopsE