Nations of Nettlesoup

  1. The Commonwealth of Roy Blount JrS
  2. The Democratic Republic of Richard BlumenthalM
  3. The Principality of Barbara BodineM
  4. The Borderlands of Chris BohjalianE
  5. The Fiefdom of John BohlingerS
  6. The Federation of David BoiesE
  7. The Kingdom of Kate BolduanM
  8. The Dictatorship of Lee BollingerS
  9. The Rogue Nation of Percival BonneyM
  10. The Community of James E BoydM
  11. The Dictatorship of Leslie BradshawM
  12. The Theocracy of Oliver Ernesto BranchM
  13. The Holy Empire of Louis BrandeisI
  14. The Democratic Republic of David Josiah BrewerM
  15. The Dominion of Howard BrewingtonI
  16. The Allied States of Kingman BrewsterM
  17. The Democratic States of Owen BrewsterM
  18. The Allied States of Claude BrinegarM
  19. The Empire of Carol Ryrie BrinkE
  20. The Oppressed Peoples of Sterling Allen BrownM
  21. The Queendom of Sydney MacGillvary BrownI
  22. The People's Republic of Roscoe Conkling BruceM
  23. The Matriarchy of Morris Lyon BuchwaiterM
  24. The United Kingdom of Pearl S BuckI
  25. The Protectorate of Kathryn BullockE
  26. The Community of Ralph BuncheS
  27. The Federation of Harold Hitz BurtonE
  28. The Commonwealth of Nathaniel ButlerE
  29. The United Socialist States of Julie Story ByerleyS
  30. The Empire of Witter BynnerM
  31. The Kingdom of Jeanne CagneyM
  32. The Oppressed Peoples of Marian CalabroI
  33. The Queendom of Caroline CampbellI
  34. The Constitutional Monarchy of Chris CapuanoS
  35. The Oppressed Peoples of Benjamin CardozoE
  36. The Empire of John M CarrollE
  37. The People's Republic of Brad CarsonM
  38. The Armed Republic of Ash CarterM
  39. The Incorporated States of Clifford P CaseE
  40. The Oppressed Peoples of William CaswellM
  41. The Constitutional Monarchy of Dick CelesteM
  42. The United States of Paul ChadbourneM
  43. The Emirate of William Estabrook ChancellorS
  44. The United Socialist States of Salmon P ChaseI
  45. The Confederacy of William C ChaseM
  46. The Jingoistic States of K K ChenE
  47. The Empire of C J CherryhS
  48. The Sultanate of Judy ChicagoE
  49. The Jingoistic States of Pamela Pauly ChinnisM
  50. The Confederacy of Rufus ChoateE