Nations of Nettlesoup

  1. The Spy Fly of Nina SungM
  2. The Republic of Northern SwallowtailsE
  3. The Red Plain of SammuramatE
  4. The Oppressed Peoples of Alonso BeatrixM
  5. The Rebel Valkyrie of SkjalfaE
  6. The Free Folk Captain of Harma DogsheadE
  7. The Blazing Fire of GingernessS
  8. The United States of Stephanie AbramsE
  9. The Confederacy of Elliot AckermanM
  10. The Nomadic Peoples of Brock AdamsE
  11. The Most Serene Republic of Henry Brooks AdamsI
  12. The Democratic Republic of Jane AddamsI
  13. The Queendom of Sadruddin Aga KhanM
  14. The United States of Mary Cunningham AgeeS
  15. The Sultanate of Larry AgranE
  16. The Kingdom of Amos Tappan AkermanS
  17. The Protectorate of Carl AlbertE
  18. The Dictatorship of Robert Greenhalgh AlbionM
  19. The United Socialist States of Lamar AlexanderS
  20. The Disputed Territories of Dean AlfangeS
  21. The Emirate of Horatio AlgerM
  22. The Democratic States of Joseph P Allen IVS
  23. The Principality of Laurie AndersonS
  24. The Democratic Republic of Leroy AndersonE
  25. The Holy Empire of Anne ApplebaumM
  26. The Incorporated States of Dale ArcherM
  27. The People's Republic of Robert ArdreyM
  28. The Empire of Leonard J ArringtonM
  29. The Queendom of Cheryl AruttE
  30. The Democratic States of Norman R AugustineE
  31. The Incorporated States of Milton BabbitS
  32. The Colony of Leander BabcockS
  33. The Theocracy of Jim BacchusM
  34. The People's Republic of Julia BachaE
  35. The Allied States of Brian BairdM
  36. The Republic of Paul Baker JrM
  37. The Dictatorship of Simeon Eben BaldwinI
  38. The Federation of Marilyn BarruetaS
  39. The Sultanate of Bernard BaruchE
  40. The Federation of Gary BasemanI
  41. The Armed Republic of Cliff BattlesM
  42. The Dominion of Henry M BeardsleyM
  43. The Empire of Aaron T BeckI
  44. The Fiefdom of Steve BeshearM
  45. The Incorporated States of Don BeyerS
  46. The Emirate of Raj BhalaS
  47. The Holy Empire of Harry BlackmunS
  48. The Holy Empire of Alice Stone BlackwellS
  49. The Dominion of George Robert BlakelyM
  50. The Borderlands of Lisa BloomM