BENIAN alliance



PomboBENIAN alliance815520
Dom 3BENIAN alliance0395065
Dom 2BENIAN alliance0266882
Dom 4BENIAN alliance075072
Dom 5BENIAN alliance054698
New corruptlandBENIAN alliance62140
Dom 1BENIAN alliance000100
Dom 51BENIAN alliance000100
Dom 52BENIAN alliance004693
Dom 53BENIAN alliance005021
Dom 54BENIAN alliance00710
Dom 55BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 56BENIAN alliance005023
Dom 57BENIAN alliance005022
Dom 58BENIAN alliance005075
Dom 59BENIAN alliance690500
Dom 60BENIAN alliance005019
Neo SpectraBENIAN alliance000100
Dom 61BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 62BENIAN alliance000100
Dom 63BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 64BENIAN alliance006642
Dom 65BENIAN alliance00709
Dom 66BENIAN alliance00700
Dom 67BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 68BENIAN alliance00690
Dom 69BENIAN alliance720500
Dom 70BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 71BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 72BENIAN alliance00500
SanteriaBENIAN alliance00200
ArowanaBENIAN alliance00220
Verona-BENIAN alliance00200
Jasland-BENIAN alliance00230
Dom 73BENIAN alliance00500
SangotaBENIAN alliance00190
Orana-BENIAN alliance20030
Ravenwood-BENIAN alliance00210
New marina islandBENIAN alliance00210
LapureBENIAN alliance00220
LaudeshBENIAN alliance00220
New marinaBENIAN alliance00210
Dom 74BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 75BENIAN alliance00690
Dom 76BENIAN alliance500690
Dom 77BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 78BENIAN alliance00690
Dom 79BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 80BENIAN alliance00680
Dom 81BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 82BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 83BENIAN alliance00670
Dom 84BENIAN alliance00670
Dom 85BENIAN alliance00670
Dom 86BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 87BENIAN alliance00680
Dom 88BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 89BENIAN alliance00680
Dom 90BENIAN alliance00670
Dom 91BENIAN alliance00660
Dom 92BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 93BENIAN alliance700500
Dom 94BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 95BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 96BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 97BENIAN alliance00660
Dom 98BENIAN alliance005022
Dom 99BENIAN alliance00650
Dom 100BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 101BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 102BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 103BENIAN alliance00660
Dom 104BENIAN alliance00650
Dom 105BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 106BENIAN alliance00650
Dom 107BENIAN alliance00500
Dom 108BENIAN alliance410660
Dom 109BENIAN alliance630500
Dom 110BENIAN alliance00500
Port lunarisBENIAN alliance00200
Lunaris-BENIAN alliance00200
NoisoroBENIAN alliance00250
Ostlea-BENIAN alliance00220
DeuffleBENIAN alliance00250
HedmaniBENIAN alliance00250
HaesetnBENIAN alliance00250
SaroltBENIAN alliance00230
Southern oceanian republicBENIAN alliance28030
CorbratonBENIAN alliance00270
TamarizaBENIAN alliance00270
GlovastaBENIAN alliance00270
LormytheBENIAN alliance00270
TrackijarsBENIAN alliance00270
SiterogenBENIAN alliance00260
Free las pinas card farm 255BENIAN alliance00250
RublesesBENIAN alliance00260
KommunizersBENIAN alliance00260
MapulthisBENIAN alliance00260
GencothonBENIAN alliance00250
TerseyeBENIAN alliance00250

Shield can be used to knock out Incoming Nukes. You can shoot down any in-flight Nukes regardless of who they are aimed at.

Locate in-flight nukes under Launches or Incoming, and use the DESTROY button to eliminate them. This consumes 1 Shield per Nuke.