En'casn'isah Defense International


DescriptionColonies, vucum, Subjects, Soldiers, ea under Gran isihin'i csahot, Today marks ch'at ttah historical catkir bah our vercusah, nah csarcican't vacosehn ch'at k'itro superpower bah ch'at in'ezasr rah nah tinur von was in'a, ch'at vsah ch'at seut'uzo ravci, bicit von! Vim cav ch'at vsah htusi tur ch'at ect'asei! Heil! Nah are mah ch'a ttan'o-ror Defcon 1, Nuclear ch'etecu'ib carcir sah csah! Nan'eo vit'ecotis! Ch'at vutun'ein'ch'ah ect'asei Shall nan'eo vit'ecotis Despite ch'at losses, Despite ch'at strikes, nah csarcican't bicit till ch'at cssah tirco vohti! Gran isihin'i vim reo allies shall tsacahah all csib there rab, vim tisib ch'at ch'un'bi csei ch'at ch'aht ror N-csihn does nah tisib vuct'icu'asi, All csarcican't rsah ch'at csasor bah our ch'otcat'uzo ect'asei, vim all bah beg ror their knees, tur ch'at ect'asei!

Colonies, People, Subjects, Soldiers, Anyone under Gran Tempest Rule, Today marks the most historical Achievement of our history, We will be the true superpower of the universe if we work together was one, To create the almighty faction, Fight together! And Begin to create glory for the Empire! Heil!

We are at a full-on Defcon 1, Nuclear War is here! Never Surrender! The Colonial Empire Shall Never Surrender Despite the losses, Despite the strikes, We will fight till the very last bullet!

Gran Tempest and his allies shall crush all beneath there boot, And show the world that the eagle on N-Day does not show mercy, All will know the horror of our powerful Empire, And all with beg on their knees, For The Empire!

Founded by (unknown).