Kings Nuclear Guard


Nations of Kings Nuclear Guard

  1. The Whispy Twisty lands of HaroldiaistanS
  2. CocratiS
  3. The Barlyyian Puppet of Unified Democratic EuropeS
  4. The Holy Empire of Caesar Von BingenS
  5. The Un-holy Utopia of GOD BLESS DEMOCRACYM
  6. The Recyclable Everything of Yes Humans Are RecyclableM
  7. The Imperial House of The Royal House of HabsburgS
  8. The Event Horizon of DominioanE
  9. The Fuhrerreich of Fifth Deutsches ReichM
  10. The United Empire of Unified BritannicaE
  11. The Principality of Grand MoskvaE
  12. The Holy Empire of Imperial Commonwealth of NationsS
  13. The Allied States of Land of American LibertyM
  14. The Armed Republic of Nationalist State of ChinaS
  15. The Kingdom of The Royal State of PrussiaM
  16. The Lord Imperii of Plus Nova ImperiiE
  17. The Swinging Jungle of Baloo KingdomE
  18. The Danimal Factory of The Mongo EmpireS
  19. The Founder of The Kirby ComradesE
  20. The Empire of LordShuckleS
  21. The Baguette puppet of Lord ShrekM
  22. The Roman Republic of 2nd Romani ImperiiE
  23. WabobaniaM
  24. The ☭☭☭☭☭☭ of Galactic PowersE
  25. The Hellenic Empire of ArchipelagicaM
  26. The Dream of Kirby card puppetM
  27. The Soviet Socialist Union of SorianoraS
  28. The Dum puppet of The Dum puppet of Dum puppetE
  29. An anonymous nationM
  30. The Colony of YaugiaE
  31. The Colony of True YaugiaS
  32. The Federation of LibertaloniaS
  33. The CaLaDOS of BarlyyM
  34. The Ꭰοοτ Ꭰοοτ of The Floor TentaclesE
  35. Sorianora of siberiaE
  36. Ethical anarchyM
  37. The Royal Confederation of Bluecrown KeepE
  38. Bluecrown keep diplomatM
  39. ArbaicasaE
  40. Sorianora de cubanaM
  41. Ethics committee of woolooS
  42. Japanese sorianoraM
  43. The Borderlands of Bearow CoveS
  44. The Community of KirbyPuppet1M
  45. The Community of KirbyPuppet2M
  46. Mini bruxxaE
  47. The Baroow Kingom of Baroow KingdomS
  48. The Kingdom of Baloo Kingdom Card FarmM
  49. The Kingdom of Baloo Kingdom Card Farm IIS
  50. The Kingdom of Baloo Kingdom Card Farm IIIM
  51. The Kingdom of Baloo Kingdom Card Farm IVM
  52. The Kingdom of Head of Baloo Kingdom Card FarmingE
  53. The Kingdom of Baloo Kingdom Card Farm VE
  54. The Kingdom of Baloo Kingdom Card Farm VIM
  55. The Kingdom of Baloo Kingdom Card Farm VIIS
  56. The Kingdom of Baloo Kingdom Card Farm VIIIS
  57. Cte2M
  58. Cte3M
  59. Cte4E
  60. The Armed Republic of Roman Defense MinistryE
  61. Ethics puppet iE
  62. Ethics puppet 2M
  63. Hal 9oooE
  64. The beast and the dogE
  65. Cte5S
  66. Cte6E
  67. Cte7E
  68. Cte8M
  69. Cte9S
  70. Cte10M
  71. Cte11E
  72. Cte12M
  73. Cte13M
  74. Cte14S
  75. Cte15E
  76. Cte16S