Crabs of the Apocalypse



FeosaProtecting Entire Nations In Society155 Strikes100 RadiationAufoli
Attlantis and waterCommunity of United Men92 Strikes92 RadiationHaj conversation street
Direwolf1The Potato Alliance48 Strikes48 RadiationNot cordel
Polskich wolnych terytoriowOmniBunker18 Strikes18 RadiationReformed Britannia
Neo-chaldeanUnited Mapgame Nations14 Strikes0 RadiationCompanus Mutati
Tootacabraanother crabs of the apocalypse13 Strikes13 RadiationTelviesul
ZibungaThe Potato Alliance100 Strikes74 RadiationValyxias
MenoricaThe Potato Alliance99 Strikes99 RadiationAshlawn
ANuadhCrabs of the Apocalypses3 Strikes3 RadiationVeltvalen
Leander BabcockNettlesoup200 Strikes4 RadiationEthnic Chuvash
Rainbow dash 1The Potato Alliance2 Strikes2 RadiationSatan Servants
Monster ultra watermelonamberite bunker1 Strike1 RadiationFox Socks
Southern nuke falloutThe Potato Alliance20 Strikes18 RadiationBohseon
InfinitetriangulumThe Potato Alliance62 Strikes10 RadiationBohseon
TarataSceni-Canercontinent Sphere182 Strikes57 RadiationReich of the New World Order
Baekje-sillaThe Potato Alliance29 Strikes0 RadiationAmstein
Cardmania9004The Potato Alliance6 Strikes6 RadiationPodrian Defence Post 2
Maharishi vedic city-ia-The Potato Alliance205 Strikes0 RadiationGalactic Communist Republic
Strv 74Kaboom1 Strike1 RadiationArtztokzsia
Rarity 66The Potato Alliance6 Strikes6 RadiationPodria 2 Electric Boogaloo
Annoying skaraborgThe Potato Alliance50 Strikes47 RadiationVenezuela revolucionaria
This unaligned antThe Potato Alliance36 Strikes32 RadiationZeronag
AgathosmaThe Potato Alliance33 Strikes0 RadiationPodrian Defence Post 3
NazBol Party SupporterLiberals Integrating Countless Kitchens87 Strikes80 RadiationColdwoods
SailiopiaStrategic Liberty Pact21 Strikes16 RadiationHaClife
Cornwall and lundyBritbong Nuke Vans12 Strikes12 RadiationHaj conversation street
KorekiyoJapan Maritime Self-Defense Force20 Strikes20 RadiationArtztokzsia
Bajor PrimeThe Potato Alliance27 Strikes10 RadiationNew Neim
If unicorns existed in skaraborgThe Potato Alliance8 Strikes5 RadiationAmstein
Baekje-sillaThe Potato Alliance29 Strikes17 RadiationAmstein
Rarity 66The Potato Alliance43 Strikes43 RadiationPodrian Defence Post 4
Terra silvaBritbong Nuke Vans28 Strikes28 RadiationHaj conversation street
Biscuit-raider 20The Potato Alliance2 Strikes2 RadiationEesil
FraireThe Potato Alliance29 Strikes0 RadiationNew Neim
A small territoryThe Potato Alliance21 Strikes21 RadiationPrecipia
Greater Jes New IslandsHorsemen of the Apocalypse1 Strike1 RadiationKAP03land
ABC123 76DEAREST LEADER Shall Rise!9 Strikes0 RadiationStevist hakora
Collective congress of bungquatCrimson Coalition7 Strikes7 RadiationKaascar
IatnehCrimson Coalition4 Strikes4 RadiationShanlix
Clerk SuterniaAll Nations Against Animals105 Strikes100 RadiationMCUSA
This unaligned antThe Potato Alliance4 Strikes4 RadiationWheelhalla
AoF Bomber 9Grand Army of the Republic7 Strikes7 RadiationBlitzcrank mid
TropicorpSporting Radiation83 Strikes83 RadiationMCUSA
Pan-Pacific StatesThe Potato Alliance28 Strikes0 RadiationCentralis pacifici paci 76
DevsozetThe TAC Front7 Strikes7 RadiationBlitzcrank mid
Monster ultra watermelonamberite bunker1 Strike1 RadiationFox Socks
Magna aureaThe Potato Alliance4 Strikes0 RadiationUnited Nationalist Republic
Upper koryoHoly Protaly19 Strikes19 RadiationRobot Santa-
ABC123 77DEAREST LEADER Shall Rise!24 Strikes0 RadiationTehmistan
Terra silvaBritbong Nuke Vans68 Strikes68 RadiationHaj colchester united


Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.