Crabs of the Apocalypse



RoundCrabs of the Apocalypse37353500
Guinea Pig Horde XLIXCrabs of the Apocalypse0322500
The VergvilleCrabs of the Apocalypse0321120
Oh I love butterCrabs of the Apocalypse0315500
Strawberry ShortcakeCrabs of the Apocalypse0314500
West DorthonionCrabs of the Apocalypse0314500
West ArnorCrabs of the Apocalypse0313500
Guinea Pig Horde XLVIIICrabs of the Apocalypse0313500
KonamegaCrabs of the Apocalypse60312320
North MinhiriathCrabs of the Apocalypse0309508
Vara 33Crabs of the Apocalypse0308500
Terracotta Gaurd 0080Crabs of the Apocalypse0308710
Vara 101Crabs of the Apocalypse0295400
Vara 105Crabs of the Apocalypse0295400
Vara 109Crabs of the Apocalypse0295380
Vara 110Crabs of the Apocalypse0295390
Vara 111Crabs of the Apocalypse0295390
Vara 117Crabs of the Apocalypse0295380
Vara 115Crabs of the Apocalypse0293380
The cooler TomisburgCrabs of the Apocalypse02911230
Vara 102Crabs of the Apocalypse0290400
Vara 125Crabs of the Apocalypse0289380
Vara 136Crabs of the Apocalypse0289370
Vara 158Crabs of the Apocalypse0289340
Vara 159Crabs of the Apocalypse0289340
Woke mcdonaldsCrabs of the Apocalypse11289500
Terracotta Gaurd 0072Crabs of the Apocalypse0286710
Terracotta Gaurd 0070Crabs of the Apocalypse0285710
Vara 144Crabs of the Apocalypse9284350
Vara 131Crabs of the Apocalypse13283380
Vara 135Crabs of the Apocalypse12283370
Vara 137Crabs of the Apocalypse12283370
Vara 143Crabs of the Apocalypse11283370
CuatelaCrabs of the Apocalypse0280180
Terracotta Gaurd 0087Crabs of the Apocalypse0279710
Master of IKEACrabs of the Apocalypse0278500
Vara 152Crabs of the Apocalypse21278370
Vara 157Crabs of the Apocalypse20278340
Vara 107Crabs of the Apocalypse0277400
Vara 153Crabs of the Apocalypse22277340
Vara 160Crabs of the Apocalypse21277330
Vara 162Crabs of the Apocalypse21277330
Vara 164Crabs of the Apocalypse21277310
Vara 165Crabs of the Apocalypse20277310
Vara 166Crabs of the Apocalypse20277310
Vara 167Crabs of the Apocalypse20277310
Vara 177Crabs of the Apocalypse20277310
Laws and BylawsCrabs of the Apocalypse527710
Vara 174Crabs of the Apocalypse21276310
Vara 173Crabs of the Apocalypse21276310


Shield can be used to knock out Incoming Nukes. You can shoot down any in-flight Nukes regardless of who they are aimed at.

Locate in-flight nukes under Launches or Incoming, and use the DESTROY button to eliminate them. This consumes 1 Shield per Nuke.