The Nuclear Alliance



InspiratusThe Potato Alliance9 StrikesCocao
Nation states cayoThe Potato Alliance6 StrikesCocao
Cereskia 2The Potato Alliance2 StrikesCocao
InspiratusThe Potato Alliance46 StrikesCocao
InspiratusThe Potato Alliance27 StrikesCocao
IndusseThe Potato Alliance20 StrikesThe cocao tna representive
IndusseThe Potato Alliance10 StrikesCocao
Hakuni mitaertaCrabs of the Apocalypse35 StrikesThe cocao tna representive
Hakuni mitaertaCrabs of the Apocalypse67 StrikesThe cocao tna representive
ArienThe Potato Alliance14 StrikesSierte
Toxic Scripting 60Crabs of the Apocalypse112 StrikesTemporary entity
Dangine card farm2The Potato Alliance57 StrikesTemporary entity
Mida galsThe Potato Alliance8 StrikesTemporary entity
DangineThe Potato Alliance104 StrikesRodger
PhamanceThe Potato Alliance50 StrikesUnojoish Borneo
MorgaiCrabs of the Apocalypse62 StrikesUnojoish Borneo
DangieThe Potato Alliance55 StrikesSierte
Dangine card farmThe Potato Alliance116 StrikesUnojoish Borneo
ParkiantCrabs of the Apocalypse26 StrikesUnojoish Borneo
Grand NadadaThe Potato Alliance92 StrikesArrozia
87654678oipi876543The Potato Alliance4 StrikesArrozia
87654678oipi876543The Potato Alliance26 StrikesArrozia
PR0F1TThe Potato Alliance78 StrikesUnojoish Zealand
DanghineThe Potato Alliance82 StrikesUnojoish Zealand
Mida galsThe Potato Alliance45 StrikesSierte
12308nem980The Potato Alliance7 StrikesTemporary entity
12308nem980The Potato Alliance15 StrikesTemporary entity
12308nem980The Potato Alliance30 StrikesTemporary entity
Nation states cayoThe Potato Alliance1 StrikeUnojoish Zealand
Mangrove Chicken IslandsYecyma Nuclear Forces2 StrikesUnojoish Borneo
Lake landYecyma Nuclear Forces3 StrikesUnojoish Null
Lake landYecyma Nuclear Forces5 StrikesThe Malnjist Islands
IAppleYecyma Nuclear Forces2 StrikesUnojoish Zealand
New DrachmaThe Potato Alliance36 StrikesOG TNA Member Council
Survivor militia 1The Potato Alliance20 StrikesAllortators
Sr rpThe Potato Alliance30 StrikesAllortators
Strangereal roleplayThe Potato Alliance20 StrikesUnojoish Null
SurvivaThe Potato Alliance14 StrikesThe Alton State
SurvivaThe Potato Alliance15 StrikesUnojoish Null
Running carrotsThe Potato Alliance28 StrikesThe Alton State
New japanese republicThe Potato Alliance19 StrikesThe Alton State
Eurasi islandsThe Potato Alliance19 StrikesThe Alton State
1aaaaaaaaaThe Potato Alliance90 StrikesAllortators
Not the american anarchist empireThe Potato Alliance18 StrikesThe Alton State
Tokugawan japanThe Potato Alliance7 StrikesThe Alton State
Nation states cayoThe Potato Alliance1 StrikeUnojoish Null
Dangine card farm2The Potato Alliance57 StrikesThe Malnjist Islands
21qw4eyruye5432The Potato Alliance44 StrikesThe Malnjist Islands
Pan-european stateThe Potato Alliance34 StrikesOG TNA Member Council
1aaaaaaaThe Potato Alliance90 StrikesUnojoish Venus


Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.