The Sliding Legion


Nations of The Sliding Legion

  1. The Republic of BuewyeM
  2. The Glorious United Republics of AussandriesM
  3. The Proud Socialist States of OrennicaM
  4. The Holy Red Dominion of DCBAM
  5. The Incredibly Attractive Empire of Imperial Danubian FederationE
  6. The Giant City of NnolandS
  7. The Dictatorship of Out landersM
  8. OskopolisE
  9. The Kingdom of IyzlandzS
  10. The Federation of DesertlandzE
  11. The People's Republic of AussandroseM
  12. The Community of The Isle of TinlandM
  13. The Orennican State of Eel HarbourE
  14. The Orennican State of PilgerwoodM
  15. NorskasM
  16. The Holy Empire of AdmiralAckbartopiaS
  17. Caecilius islandsS
  18. The Ganja Lovin' Sea Nation of Reggae Sh4rkS
  19. The Democratic Republic of The Belacian StatesS
  20. Cerberico11E
  21. MuariaE
  22. The People's Republic of Brett StanfordM
  23. The Republic of Derek HerronM
  24. The Holy Empire of Scott GaunsonS
  25. The People's Republic of United Ireland in EUS
  26. The Communications Nation of SCSA Vassal NationM
  27. Who cares bro 2S
  28. Velyka rosiyaS
  29. Lau tzauM
  30. The Holy Empire of Defender On Behalf of AussandriesM
  31. The Orennican State of SquenueM
  32. The Orennican State of RegdantinnS
  33. Assmebly chairmanM
  34. The Orennican State of GlotunnM
  35. Brett stanford assemblyM
  36. The Republic of RotisiS
  37. The Orennican State of MasccalireS
  38. The Republic of Azul StatesM
  39. The Republic of MeowserE
  40. The Republic of AkutamaE
  41. The Republic of HisanS
  42. The Republic of GirouxM
  43. French frefrikaS
  44. The Republic of Nnoland CityE
  45. The Democratic Republic of Great AstaniaE
  46. The Republic of YstraryM
  47. The Oppressed Peoples of IOT2M
  48. The Republic of IOT3S
  49. The Republic of IOT4E
  50. The Republic of IOT5M
  51. Warthog landE
  52. Anime furry catgirlsE