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The Empire of Wustenok

The Sakhalinsk Empire wrote:Same!!!

As for your question, I am a Roman Catholic.

Do you attend church regularly?

The Republic of Concordare

Wustenok wrote:Hello, Hola, здравствуйте, Selam and finally a Сайн уу from my country. I'm Temuulen Ganbataar from Mongolia. I would love to know y'all and the ideology which you would run your country on, your origin (country and religion).

(P.s sorry my English is not that good)


While it has varied over the years, I try to run my country on a relatively Centrist/Christian Democratic basis.

I'm from the U.S. and I'm a United Methodist.

The Grand Duchy of Norfshire

Both my grandparents are practicing methodists. I was baptised into the methodist church as a tot. My Niece was baptised as one too a few years back and I was chosen as her Godfather, she's four now and pretty indestructible.

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