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The Imperial Sovereign Fleet of Regallio

Midastan wrote:I finally found my account from 2019, I can't believe it.

I remember 2019. It was before the sickness befell the world, and children still laughed.

Nacional socialista jugoslavija

Ancapimania wrote:A fine and/or Time in prison,Norwegian prison

Whaaaat? No thermonuclear warfare because leaves blowing into your lawn violates the NAP?


Nacional socialista jugoslavija wrote:Whaaaat? No thermonuclear warfare because leaves blowing into your lawn violates the NAP?

Well company law does vary throughout Ancapimania

Nacional socialista jugoslavija

Post by Zaxcorlea suppressed by a moderator.

Nacional socialista jugoslavija

Ancapimania wrote:Well company law does vary throughout Ancapimania


The Hamsters Knows Best State of The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg

Remember to vote in TNPV. You have received a telegram explaining how to vote.

Last day to vote is 24th November. Remember to add reserve votes in your votes!! Dispatch link: page=dispatch/id=1616305#Par

Ethnon, Katuda, and Gaedd

The Seitokuken Action State of Baratochi

Marshava wrote:Baratochi,

Ready when you are.

Alright. Iíll make a post later inviting diplomats from you and Sallent to formulate, finalize, and sign the Red Entente into existence.

Nacional socialista jugoslavija

Baratochi wrote:Alright. Iíll make a post later inviting diplomats from you and Sallent to formulate, finalize, and sign the Red Entente into existence.

Iím going to do the classic Yugoslavia move and refuse to join a faction until I need one, in which case Iíll make my own faction!

The Supreme Esoteric State of Karovrusso Soyuz

Red Entente? Sounds like western propaganda.

Nacional socialista jugoslavija

Karovrusso Soyuz wrote:Red Entente? Sounds like western propaganda.

Tbh it sounds like a HoI4 mod where the modder took crack then made a mod where the Russian Revolution happened earlier and the Soviets participated in The WW1 as their own faction

The Nonbinary Pan Pride of Emeraldisia

"Red Entente" just sounds like an off-brand version of the Comintern

The Space Faring Republic of Ellinika Nisia

Emeraldisia wrote:"Red Entente" just sounds like an off-brand version of the Comintern

Instead of Comecon, it'll be Comic-con.

Nacional socialista jugoslavija

Emeraldisia wrote:"Red Entente" just sounds like an off-brand version of the Comintern

Lol almost like if the White Russian officers joined the Red Army and Lenin let their Francophilia influence him

The State of Conozek

Ellinika Nisia wrote:Then instead of Comecon, it'll be Comic-con.



My name is Simon and I'm going into hiding and my new name is cinnamon

Nacional socialista jugoslavija

Ancapimania wrote:My name is Simon and I'm going into hiding and my new name is cinnamon

Isnít the point of changing your name when you go into hiding to make sure your pursuers canít find you with your name?


Nacional socialista jugoslavija wrote:Isnít the point of changing your name when you go into hiding to make sure your pursuers canít find you with your name?

I got it from shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings

Nacional socialista jugoslavija

Ancapimania wrote:I got it from shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings

Ohh right. That was a decent movie.

The Nation Of Christianity of Tipitb

Bruh I was just a new nation but l got a lot of Endorsements

South prouthe

Tipitb wrote:Bruh l was just a new nation but l got a Iot of Endorsements

Nation: Enters TNP
Also Nation: Immediately gets a lot of endorsements


Endorse me!

Irish tribe

The Allied States of Solaria Alliance

"Defusing the Bomb" - 1st Marine CBRN Company - September 29, 4:30 PM

As the facility went into its automated lockdown, it didn't take much time for the marines to notice what was wrong. Their detonators no longer responding, and the nuke beginning its launch sequence - the silos were being controlled from the outside all along! Much worse, they only have about half an hour to prevent the nukes from going live... and if they fail, the entire defense line could collapse, which would bring a catastrophic end to the conflict.

The company commander and his escorts quickly searched the control room in hopes of finding some way to manually prevent the launch. One man stumbles his way into a secret compartment of a desk, and discovers the bloodied paper, along with its instructions. He shouts for his superior and they quickly assess the intel it contained. Although the letter was unfinished, what was already written down gave the 1st Company a great amount of hope. They quickly debated their course of action, and agreed that taking control of the missiles wasn't a priority - they had to neutralize them first, and only if they had time after would they try to retool them.

Backtracking a bit, the team is able to find the marked room while avoiding the automated emplacements the AI had. The button is indeed obvious - it was labelled as one of the launch controls, which is why they'd avoided it earlier, but knowing its true scope now, the commander fearlessly presses it. Partly because of the instructions given by the ex-engineer, and partly because, well, if it was an actual launch button - at least the silo doors were closed, and only they would go down, instead of the front.

Stepping outside, the men quickly realized the turrets controlled by the AI were offline - its connection was severed, but any other traps were likely still operational. Initially, the Marines planned to use the stairs, but under the advice of a novice yet intelligent sapper, the group heads over to the control room, before entering the catwalk overseeing the nuke itself. The sapper sets up a rope, leading all the way down - about 12 floors, as indicated previously. This way, they'd be able to avoid any remaining defences. The commander's watch beeps: 1 minute left.

As they access one of the maintenance shafts, the team is able to locate the control box. Radio-ing to up above, another squad uses the terminal next to the button and inputs the access code, granting the soldiers access to the box and the switches. 30 seconds left. The men scatter around, attempting to locate the secondary terminal needed to activate the manual override. 15 seconds. The previous sapper, checking around the nuke, locates the final terminal at its base. Without any more time to report the discovery, and his heart racing, he keys in the last few fragments. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


The manual override is complete - with just a few milliseconds left on the clock, too! As the sapper looks around him and realized that the AI's turrets aren't coming online, he finally breathes a sigh of relief through his gas mask, before quickly turning his attention to the radio as he reports his success. Regrouping with the rest of his force, he rigs his few remaining charges on the control box and the terminals - making sure that it'd take a while before any mutant engineers could bring the silo back to operating status. The teams up above, meanwhile, have finished spraying iodide into the halls, and most of the facility is now engulfed in the highly lethal yellow mist. Just for safety's sake, they've made sure to disable any ventilation systems they could find, even though the mutants shouldn't be able to vent the launch platform now that the external control's offline.

Making haste back up, the company commander and the other squads head back up to the surface, now able to take off their respirators and breathe in some normal air. Though this doesn't last for long - with their unexpected delay, hostile recon forces have encroached on the exterior perimeter. Quickly dispatched by the CBRN gunners, their light transports are now on fire, existing as a sign of warning for both sides. With how much of a ruckus they've caused, a mutant all-out assault is to be expected, and they can't afford to incur the losses that'd imply. Evacuation under such conditions is highly unlikely, either. Only one logical course of action remains.

"Alpha, Bravo platoons, stick with me! Charlie, head north-east through the forest, and Delta take the south-east! RV is 10 clicks west from Hill 843! Maintain low operating profile and engage only as needed. Alpha Actual out."

The 1st Company splits into three, using the forest as cover for their retreat. Their hopes were to throw the enemy off of their trail with their sudden disappearance. Before leaving, the commander sends one final and rather vague message to the Solarian command via long-range radio:

"1-N-Alpha, going dark."

"Angels Above" - 2nd Attack Battalion, 26th Aviation Regiment "Hammerhead" - October 1, 2:49 AM

The mutant landings in the south two days ago had forced the two marine engineer companies near the refugee camp, along with the National Guard, to conduct a cautious retreat as they were aware that they were likely outnumbered 10, perhaps even 20-to-1. However, Shiraishōwan infantry still remained and fought valiantly, much to the surprise of High Command. With the naval battles once again heating up, gunship support was dispatched towards the beachhead in order to provide cover for the ground forces for a counter-attack.

Two dozen Solarian attack helicopters pass by the refugee camp, the hum of their rotors loudly announcing the arrival of backup. The combat engineers had managed to set up some landing zones for repairs near the camp, although the reserve munition transports for the gunships were several hours out. Moving onwards, they fly above the forests and roads leading up to the shore and are surprised to discover that no enemy has made it past the allied defense yet. The line must be holding for now, but that doesn't mean they can waste any time.

A few miles out from the target point, one of the pilots contacts the forces down below, as they get a view of the situation. The Shiraishōwan troops had been holding out for a couple of days without any exterior support, and they clearly seem happy that the gunships are now above them. They begin designating positions with smoke grenades, allowing the helicopters to distinguish friend and foe. The gunners prioritize knocking out whatever armor or vehicles the enemy might've brought, making quick work of them with their air-to-ground missiles, before switching their attention to the mutant infantry down below. They make gun runs and strafe the ones out in front, closest to the allied position. They then empty their unguided missiles closer to the landing craft, although without precision targetting it's impossible to fully neutralize them. Still, the chaos caused by the sudden aerial attack should alleviate part of the strain put on the defenders.

The KS-1 choppers pull back from the front, returning to the relative safety of the refugee camp. It'll take a few hours before rearm, though, so support will only be sporadic until the munition trucks arrive.

"Blitz" - 4th Amphibious Combat Battalion - October 2, 2:21 PM

The massive Allied assault on the western front began nearly half an hour ago, and Solarian elements, while much scarcer in number, played their own part in the operation. To compensate for the lack of raw manpower, the expeditionary force would put out all of their remaining mechanized and infantry assets and breach past the river at lightning speed, before hitting the enemy from the sides. If the allies worked in tandem, an encirclement might've been possible.

Amphibious APCs rolled through the frosty waters on the southern-most parts of the mutant front. So far, encountered resistance was minimal, but that was about to change. As they get across and pierce through a set of trees, they are greeted by the sounds of enemy armor rolling - thankfully, in the direction opposite of theirs, most likely heading to reinforce the central front. A salvo of missiles is fired towards the enemy, who, before they knew it, is set alight as many ATGMs penetrate their hull. Unsatisfied with only just a couple of kills, though, the force pushes forward - or in this case, sideways, towards the north. Next, they see an unusual sight: a supply convoy. Though some of the men are tempted to immediately fire upon it, one of the wiser drivers suggests trailing the enemy, for recon purposes. The battalion chief agrees, and the enemy is tracked as far as they could until they lose them in the forest.

However, it doesn't take long to stumble upon their destination: a clearing in the midst of the snow and trees, where a sizeable firebase had been erected! Clearly, this was an important artillery position for the mutants on this part of the front. As the convoy enters the base, Solarian vehicles emerge from the treeline and ram right through the gate defenses. They let loose their autocannons against the defenseless trucks, and grandiose explosions occur as their package, most likely more ammunition, combusts into flames. Several dozen APCs and light vehicles breach the perimeter while others surround the exterior. The mutant gunners are clearly caught by surprise as they desperately try to use their guns against the armor. Before they could aim them, though, the combat battalion had already fired their 25mm HE guns straight into the ammunition dumps, causing an even greater fire to take place as the entire position is quickly cleansed of hostile presence.

The few remaining defenders that weren't on the guns put up a brave yet relatively insignificant fight. As some try to climb up on the vehicles and tear apart their crews, infantry personnel emerge from the rear of the carriers and gun down the targets with ease. The remaining ammunition of the armored battalion is spent on whatever seems most important: backup ammunition, artillery emplacements, comms infrastructure, transports, so on and so forth. A brave few scouts wander into the burning tents that are quickly turning into ashes - although they're not able to find anything game-changing, scraps of intelligence about mutant positions and movements are still present. Unfortunately, before the site could fully be scoured, one of the outer area crews sounds the alarm: an enemy counter-attack is imminent, signaled by fumes of most likely poisonous chemicals detected on the horizon. It was time to boogie out.

The rearguard is ironically the first to leave, while the forward defenders RV with the inner ones. Mutant armor had begun throwing shells at them, but they insisted on making sure everyone got out. Once the last scout crew is back in the comfort of the carriers, the 4th makes a speedy retreat down the road they came from. Their superior maneuverability allows them to move back across the river, ensuring the mutants won't follow them. Though the 4th ACT wasn't able to hold their ground, and the initial optimism for a rapid and easy encirclement was quickly killed, their hit-and-run proved the agility of Solaria's mechanized force. They would continue conducting operations like these whenever possible, even as the enemy's guard was constantly raised.

"Into the Breach" - 2nd Amphibious Combat Battalion - October 3, 8:13 AM

On the northern side of the front, yet more allied forces were amassing for a combined operation, this time rescuing their fellow Solarian comrades, stuck behind enemy lines. The 1st had been mostly radio silent, but now they've checked in, confirming their new position - one that high command believed they could get to. The Solarians rendezvous with their Shiraishōwan counterparts, in a tight space between the Eisengrad Range and the main front, a place that was, compared to the rest of the island, somewhat quiet. Of course, mutants still roamed, but in lesser numbers than before. The deeper they'd go into the salient though, they'd quickly encounter much more fanatical resistance.

Moving rapidly through the arctic terrain, the joint force breaks southwards, towards the remains of the former missile silo. Mutant presence was likely, and the CBRN company had already evacuated, so there was no point in raiding the site once more - instead, the forces skim several dozen kilometers north of it, looking for the lost marines. Their previous position was outdated - had they already moved so far? Or perhaps they were caught?

Still, without giving hope, the battalion patrols the area, eventually receiving a hail on an allied short-range channel from a familiar voice.

"If we were the mutants, we'd have already blown you to pieces. We're on the treeline to your right."

One of the drivers emerges from their vehicle, and a group of marines reveals themselves. The man goes to shake the hand of the person who seemed in charge - unaware of the fact it was the company commander themselves. "Thanks for the assist, tankies. Or I suppose I should call you appies now, with these APCs? Either way, appreciated. The rest of my men are right around here."

"Understood, sir. We've got instant ration hot coffee in the back." Through the commander's mask, a slight smile could be seen as he chuckled. "But we have another objective to hit. So get your things in order and let's go."

The operatives make haste into the allied vehicles, albeit ending up quite cramped. Seems space was at a premium these days. The mechanized force got rolling once again, and headed towards the north: their sights set on the so-called research bunker that was responsible for producing the gear that'd burnt and disfigured allied armor and personnel. They'd stop just short of it (or wherever the initial defenses were), in order to analyze the terrain and defenses of the compound.

"Show of Force" - 1st Solarian Battlegroup - September 30, 10:13 AM

As the news was brought of the RCN's arrival and subsequent troubles brought by the Mutant fleet, Vice-Admiral Milton took it upon himself to organize a response force. He effectively split his group into half as about twenty destroyers and a few cruisers sailed southwards, in the process passing by the mutant landings, offering whatever small support they could before moving southwest. Dozens of fighters from the Arkley and her sister carriers escorted the formation, as they prepared for an initial engagement with the enemy main fleet. Annoyingly, the local wildlife damaged the hulls of the ship, destroying their beautiful exterior - a few rounds of high-caliber ammunition were fired into the front before advancing, sending a couple of the vermin up into the sky - or in this case, down to the seafloor.

With their more numerous and heavier allies also being present, the Solarian fleet was confident of their victory. Fighters pushed onwards and released their missiles, working in tandem with the destroyers down below as a barrage from air and sea hit the first few mutant vessels. Then, after the departure of the fighters as they re-arm for air combat, the cruisers move in front, and the battle gets more methodical - exchanges of long-range artillery are had, as the battlegroup tries to squeeze the enemy between themselves, the Shiraishōwans, and the RCN. Of course, due to the nature of naval warfare, they couldn't just get the enemy all at once grouped up - so they had to try and work with their allies to sweep up the remains. Indeed, if used correctly, the power of united humanity... or, well, a human-canine front now, could tear down even an enemy as fierce as this one. And now...

!!! Update From The Homeland !!!

With air dominance over Kyushu proper, the Solarian Army Command has approved the airlift of additional divisions on the island. Estimates of 5000 to 15000 troop arrivals daily are to be expected, putting the Transportation Corps of the Air Force to their first real test. Additionally, relief for the refugee populace is also inbound, although currently, military aircraft have priority.

The Presidential Republic of Emnaria

Nacional socialista jugoslavija wrote:For the autoloader, I think you should either ditch it or base it directly off an existing system.
As for the round, I would only recommend using it for artillery if you can pack into one round more than 10kg TNT equivalent.
In all honesty, I would suggest having an ATGM and an artillery round. My artillery rounds have proximity sensors so they can be used for anti-air, and even to destroy tanks through their roof armour!

What if I changed it to no include the rocket, it would reduce cost but still have lots of penetrating power. For the auto-loader I think I will replace it.

Look at the new round and auto-loader. Does it look like it would work now?

The Nation Of Christianity of Tipitb

South prouthe wrote:Nation: Enters TNP
Also Nation: Immediately gets a lot of endorsements

Haha, Lol...

The Imperial Sovereign Fleet of Regallio

Tipitb wrote:Haha, Lol...

People are just jealous that we treat endorsements like Zimbabwe at the peak of hyper inflation. Money machine go Brrrrrrrr.

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