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more than 1 thousand people have been killed during the protest to end my regime,.


Aridiyan airpower has been targeting Saint Telos' tanks in the eastern side of the country. Saint Telos armor losses are said to be significant. The Aridiyan 7th Armored Cavalry Brigade has broken out of the Port Mehmet fortified zone. It is difficult to tell, at this time, if the cavalry troopers are headed towards the town of Fakim or Molograd, the capital. No large air to air fights seem to have occurred, yet.

Post self-deleted by Saudi-gimmel.


Two Qatarabi aircraft carriers arrived with the convoy of 25,000 troops. They boasted Mig-29s and Su-24s on board and had begun fueling and loading. The troops were divided into respective divisions and prepared for a quick battle. They would get their armor onto land before continuing their plans,which included a heavy assault directly into the capital with armor at the tip of the spear. Fighters would protect them and helicopters would provide heavy air support. Government Officials of the fascist government were put on cards and distributed to all troops(not game cards...simply numbered cards with letters for categorizing importance while numbers categorized rank). They would be hunted by the troops,especially after a type of Martial Law was placed on the capital city after its capture. They had to re-establish security and order.


Our Republic is sending 10,000 more troops.They have captured Molograd.


Following the revolution in Libya, protests are starting in the capital. These protests seem to be relatively peaceful, but that could change at any moment. The protesters seem to want to either secede from Islamic-Gimmel or rejoin Saudi-Gimmel. This will not be tolerated. The major cities of Viva Tel, Zytrach, and Al Jah have been put on lock down and we are commensing a shut-down of these cities. The police has been distributed throughout the capital to prevent the protesters from becoming violent or getting larger. They are already in the numbers of 250,000.


The peace negotiations between Al-Jahmanh and I have ended in catastrophe. At the end, Al-Jahmanh declared war on Isam-Gah. Cavalry units 21 and 34 have been distributed throughout the capital. Other cavalry units have been distributed throughout other major cities. Military outings have been place along the 57.341 mile border with Al-Jahmanh. We have also alerted the Air and Naval service and they have been deployed. We can only pray that this war will not last long and ask for allies.

Al jahmanh

We have declared war on the evil of Isam-Gah. They have established military outings along our border and we have answered. We have deployed our Naval Brigade and our unites now have surrounded the southern shore of Isam-Gah. We plan to invade the city of Qweas within the next 2 weeks. The eastern border of Isam-Gah is occupied by another country (anyone want to be there?) so we cannot deploy or units there. It is the same on the northern border (anyone want to be there?), and on our border we have set up tank units and the Army has deployed 10,000 foot soldiers. We plan to win this war and ask, does anyone want to help us crush the evil of Isam-Gah?


It's been about two years since my last log-in. These changes are crazy.

Saint telos

Former president of Saint Telos, Tayeb bin Kaled has suggested splitting Saint Telos into two. The president suggested he should rule the north of the country.


Israeli-Gimmel has signed an alliance with Israel-Syria. Because they are at war we will send in 2,000 of our special operations soldiers to support them.
@Israel-Syria - Please use our special-ops soldiers to the best of your abilities.
We have also placed military outposts along the borders to protect from Saint Telos.


The protests in my country have grown in number and is now a violent rebellion. The rebels have captured the city of Viva Tel and, according to signals intercepted, plan to take Al Jah next. We have already lost 252 lives as of this morning. The internet and phone lines have been disconnected. The Inter-Gimmel Railroad system has also been shu down in Islamic-Gimmel. We wish not to be overthrown and ask anyone to send in troops to help us stop this rebellion.


We have established an embassy in the capital of Saint Telos. We have also sent diplomats there to help Saint Telos split into two.

East kain

Kainsish Alphabet: small captions! And OUR LIKE THE ENGLISH ALPHABET

A Х Ц Э Ж Ѕ З И І К Л М Н О П Ҁ Р С Т Ѹ λ


@East Kain- Cool!


The 11th Armored Cavalry Brigade(ACB) is in Saint Telos. Elements of the 27th Infantry Division are arriving by air on the newly enlarged Port Mehmet airport. The 7th ACB has occupied the mining town of Fakim. Federal Border Patrol investigators are examining evidence of possible war crimes, locals are being interviewed. Rumors are rampant about possible cease-fire negotiations


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I shall help the war. Leader of meriches will supply docters for the war, and send in a few thousand troops in. Keep me updated about the war.


Saudristan wishes to help the war effort. We will send 20,000 troops to Saint Telos


Saudristan parliment will be in emergnacy sesion, so no more news for a few days.



Islamic-Gimmel is in turmoil.
The rebels have complete control of Viva Tel and, upon learning that we intercepted their message, have taken Zytrach, along with other major cities that include: Aarosn, Dwer, and Hehcta. The entire country has been shut down. Government officials have been transfered to safe-houses underneath the capital. As of this morning the rebels have complete control over 1/4 of Islamic-Gimmel in the Western Sector and have major influence in half of the Northern Sector. The protesters requests remain the same: allow them to seperate or rejoin Saudi-Gimmel. Again we ask for countries to send in their support, and in return we offer to help with the war.


Al jahmanh


At the suggestion of Aridiya, we have sent 150 law enforcement trainers, and 350 Peace Corps representatives to Saint Telos for the war effort.


Our Marines have invaded and captured the city of Qweas, but there are said to be many wounded. It is also said that our control over Qweas is weak. Along with Qweas we have also taken the coastal city of Wahadh. While preoccupied with this the Isam-Gah military has pushed into Al Jahmanh and has taken the small border villages of Al Heredh, Yterh, and Frehnn, along with the border city of Gheabt. This is big because these host many military outposts and Gheabt has a large Army base. Again we aslk for allies in hopes of crushing Isam-Gah.

Saint telos


Le marseille

The Industriocratic Corporatism of Le Marseille hereby announces all banning of any civil rights,except for immediate rights of humanity, within its own nation. Any nation who attempts to interefere with national policies will be viewed as enemies of the state and treated as such. Anarchy and Chaos are stains of mankind and it requires a strict iron fisted government to keep Law and Order. As such Le Marseille will strictly limit the amount of external influence upon its citizens. A "Closed Border" policy will be instated during this time and curfews will be in place. Until the chaotic disorder of the Middle East is resovled,we will limit all communications with outsiders.
CEO of State(CEO-S)
Francis Louis II


A cease-fire agreement is being brokered between the government of Saint Telos and the Allied powers in Saint Telos. 1. Saint Telos will be occupied by the Allied powers for a period of at least one year. The country will be partioned into 3 zones, with two sectors in each zone. 2. All Saint Telosian armed forces will stand down. The country will be allowed to keep 25% of its military personnel and equipment in existence, but they will be restricted to barracks for at least 4 months. Warships to be kept in port. 3. A World Assembly Human Rights force will investigate and monitor the occupied zones. 4. A National No Fly Zone will be in effect for any military aircraft of Saint Telos. 5. Free elections must be held in six months, with World Asssembly observers.

Northern Zone: occupied by Isreal-Syria and Qatarab. Isreal-Syria have the Eastern sector and Molograd. Qatarab the western sector.

Southern Zone: occupied by Burzerkastan and Al Jahmanh. Burzerkastan to the Eastern sector and Al Jahmanh to the west.

Eastern Zone: occupied by Aridiya and Merhes. Aridiya to the south with Port Mehmet. Merches to the north with the town of Fakir.

Saint Telos, do you accept the terms? If no reply is offered by midnight, hostilies will resume.

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