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The Syrian Arab Republic of Al-Syria

Shisha, Nargeela, Argeela, Nargile, Argileh, Argilee, Nargileh, Hookah.

Many different terms for the same thing.

Coleopia ii

I disagree, chirst may not have existed.

Post self-deleted by The Transcaucasus.


Times like these I remember my time in the U.S.S.R.


In honor of being ranked the 6th most godforsaken nation in the Middle East (our new home), we have officially changed our national religion to Pastafarianism. Everyone is invited to Eskibahçe for free beer and reasonably priced pasta to celebrate this momentous occasion. Stick around, as His noodly appendage may touch your heart...in the night...with or without your consent.

Saint telos

Saint Telos has sent a group of university students to Blodeuwydd's Capital to experunince the nations culture


Sorry Blodeuwydd, but we have a flag debate to settle.


We declare a virtual war on the world via our NationStates account which is enjoyed by our entire populace...

Now for serious business we wish to proclaim that research in studies for more efficient nuclear energy and higher quality nuclear weapons have been extremely successful. Much of Qatarab is currently powered by nuclear energy and our stock piles of nuclear weapons have filled many warehouses,though most of these weapons are inert to reduce maintenance costs.

Saint telos

BREAKING NEWS: The siege of Saint Telos has begun! Many tourist and people of foriegn disent, are escaping the country, as tanks enter the capital city and other major towns and cities. The Presidant of Saint Telos is leading the Republikan forces.


Uprisings, what did I miss?

Post self-deleted by Israel-syria.


BREAKING NEWS:The Republic Of Israel-Syria has agreed to allow the escapees from Saint Telos to now live in Israel-Syria.The President of Israel-Syria has decided to help the Republikan forces by supplying our world class arms and sending about 500,000 well-trained Israeli Commandos,Regular Soldiers,and tanks to Saint Telos,and they will help the Saint Telos Military to stop the invaders.He publicly announced this on March 1,and said this is to "Secure peace with Saint Telos.".The sending of troops and arms to Saint Telos will begin on March 5.

Post self-deleted by Aridiya.

Saint telos

BREAKING NEWS: The situation of Saint Telos has worsen. The Capital is being heavely bombed in the newer devoluped areas, whilst the Old Town is being unharmed. The presidant of Saint Telos has fleed heading to Aridiya - "As it is a nearby safe haven" He stated. Escapees from the Country, have fleed to Israel-Syria or to other nearby countries. Josef Yamous, 32 a Aridiya Tourist stated; "My family and I are lucky to have escaped. Our village is in ruins and I fear our relatives in the capital are either dead or wounded, for they live in the newer parts of Molograd. As a christian, I hope the muslims and christians of Saint Telos survive this siege."


Aridiyan construction engineer and some special forces troops are being withdrawn from Saint Telos. The government of Aridiya is in counsultations with the leadership in Saint Telos about the developing situation. It appears that a civil war is starting. The remaining 800 light infantrymen are digging in. Peacekeeping patrols seem to be on the decline. In Aridiya, protesters are demanding that the largely Islamic country should stop protecting a largely Christian population.

Saint telos

The university students who were celebrating in Blodeuwydd have just recieved news in Blodeuwydd's capital that the country is in turmoil. The nineteen students are lucky to have been on the cultural trip. Their university was located in the newer part of Molograd which is being heavely bombed. 14 of the students are muslim whilst the rest are orthodox christians. More news to come.

Saint telos

"Saalam Brothers and Sisters my name is Hamida Osmanovitch, and here is the news today. Anarchy has purged the once peaful land of Saint Telos, and the presidant and his family has fleed the country. In neighbouring Aridiya, General Nermin Kosova and the Emir of Aridiya, are trying to stabalise the situation. The Facist has dropped the 'Democratic' out of Saint Telos's full name; The Democratic Republic of Saint Telos to THE REPUBLIC OF SAINT TELOS!"


The Sultanate of Qatarab wishes to provide the president and his family,who have fled saint telos,refuge within the nation of Qatarab within the Sultanate Palace. Here they wish to discuss future plans for Saint Telos and be of assistance to a neighboring nation to help re-stabilize the former government. Upon approval by other neighboring nations a peacekeeping force of 1,200 Infantry will be sent to assist and reinforce other peacekeepers and hopefully prevent a terrible chaos from fully overcoming Saint Telos. The Sultanate of Qatarab also wishes to provide refuge for all people fleeing Saint Telos till the situation stabilizes.


Aghaban leaders and Military commanders are in serious meetings with one another, considering the possibility of military intervention in Saint Telos. It has been clarified that any Aghaban military presence in Saint Telos will be to protect/evacuate citizens and assets within the Republic.


From the Office of the President, the desk of Frank Moshiri

"Dear brothers-

As the citizens of Banold recover from the intra-Persian strife, we want all our friends across the Middle East to understand that our highest hope is too see the violence subside and peace again settle over all our Holy Lands.

At this time, after , meeting with my cabinet level advisors, I wish to reassure the whole Arab world that we are increasing our output of oil by 27-33%. The wells are pumping strongly and are in good repair. Our refining facilities are ensuring quality grades reach our customers, Enshallah.

I have ordered the increased out so that the prices of our petroleum exports do not rise and burden the conflicted peoples across our beautiful region.

My secretaries of Commerce and State are reviewing previous business contracts, so for now all agreements remain in place.

My government is also preparing a new application and proposal for OPEMEC, so that we can have a fair share of what rightfully belongs to the people of Banold but that also helps us share & contribute responsibly to regional and world markets.

I pray to God, the Most Merciful and Gloriously Mighty, that the violence and tension cease in Saint Telos. We hope peace and calm is restored under the canopy of the Faithful to God.

Allah'u'abha dear Leaders!

Frank Moshiri, President, The Baha'i Community of Banold


The President Of Israel-Syria has just sent 5,000 tanks and soildiers to Saint Telos.The Soldiers have already killed and/or captured 10,000 enemy soldiers and has already captured 12 small villages and returned them to Saint Telos,but still has soldiers in the villages.The president is planning to invade 6 more cities by the end of the month.Public opinion is in favor of the war,and millions of citizens have lent thousands,millions and hundreds of Shekels for the cause.The President has even created a company for the cause.There slogan is "Help the needy.".Thousands of Jews,Muslims and Christians have gone to Saint Telos to preach or fight.Israel-Syria is in complete favor of the conflict.

Saint telos

"Saalam brothers and sisters, this is Hamida Osmanovitch. Today is a sad day for the people of Saint Telos. At 1.09 AM Telosian Time - the city of Talban was inglufled in flames. The once beutiful buildings of Talban, are completly destroyed. It is reported that about 989 people have been killed. The city is closet to Israel-Syria. Aridyian officals and Isreal Syria Officals are helping the surviorous.

Post self-deleted by Israel-syria.

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