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The Empire of Xiomera

Democratic Times News Update: Xochiuhue faces justice, Yauhmi refuses to rush things, and Kerlile to host IWC:

The Empire of Xiomera

Gardavasque wrote:Hey IDU! Feeling stuck at home? Sick of dreary and tiresome weather? Looking for adventure? You need to get out more. You need... The IDU Travel Channel.

This thread is a place to highlight your nation's top attractions and most (or least!) visited destinations. Give us the fascinating details about your national parks, your historic landmarks, famous museums, and offbeat curiosities. Also on the Travel Channel: award-winning documentaries, guided tours of your nations and cities, and reality programming about real housewives of your nation. The IDU Travel Channel is place to share information and resources for consumers of travel and leisure throughout the IDU and around the universe, so we need to know all about your nation's best - and worst - airlines, cruises, resort hotels, restaurants, et cetera. Finally, nations are encouraged to submit their entries for inclusion at a coveted spot in the IDU Travel Channel's Top Ten rankings.

Are you ready to welcome travelers to your nation? Tell us about all about it. Right here, on the IDU Travel Channel.


Xiomera invites the world to visit (just avoid the part around ZapotlŠn where the war is happening and you should be fine)

The Free Bears of Bears Armed

Laeral wrote:Good to see you, Bears! Iskiram is a puppet of Shuell. Heavily deserted, with a traditionalistic feudal society devastated by an atomic blast during a civil war.

Thank you. I'm preparing some questions for the players about Neria's ecosystems, so had I wondered who to contact and what (if anything) is its national animal.

The Social Democracy of Gardavasque

Bears Armed wrote:Thank you. I'm preparing some questions for the players about Neria's ecosystems, so had I wondered who to contact and what (if anything) is its national animal.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the three-headed green camel is their national animal. What say you, Shuell?

The Social Democracy of Gardavasque

BTW Congratulations to Shuell on having the Highest Average Incomes in the IDU!

"I don't care what anyone says, being rich is a good thing." -Mark Cuban

The United-Federation of Slokais Islands

the average income of the rich in the IDU is 200,000 i am at 96,000.

The United Ruthenian Empire of Trive 38

Slokais Islands wrote:And Trive 38 congrats and being the least Politically Apathetic citizens. It takes a lot of work to be last at something.

The Trivians excel at liking politics. Just like their leader. :V

New Lusitania and the Algarves wrote:Might have to do with their surplus of Pizza Deliveries, you never know.

We just... really like pizza.

The Empire of Xiomera

Just as a reminder, the Schedule I Elections for Delegate are supposed to open on December 18th. Please visit the forum or Discord for more information.

The Republic of -Astoria

Obligatory monthly check-in.

The Second Allied Provinces of Laeral

Just wanted to announce that I'll be closing the 2020 IDU Film Festival in 48 hours (7 pm EST on Friday the 18th) should anyone want to place any last-minute entries. The Film Festival thread can be found here:

The Empire of Xiomera

Democratic Times News Service update: Peace talks begin to end Xiomeran civil war; political scandals in Eiria and High Fells; violent unrest expands in Slokais Islands; Alliance of Non-Aligned Nations introduces universal currency; Kerlian reforms and more at

via Forest

The Pacific Alpine Commonwealth of Mount Seymour

Hello friends!

Forest's sixth annual Photo Contest is beginning, and as has been the case in past years, submissions are open to anyone from our embassy regions. We'd love to see some submissions from y'all! :)

You can find more information here:


Forest Photo Contest 2020



2020 has undoubtedly been a year like no other. The general consensus is that itís been crazy if not outright terrible. But with the holidays and the new year just around the corner, 2020 is finally coming to an end. Before we move on to a hopefully smoother 2021, though, thereís one last thing that needs to be done: the sixth annual Forest Photo Contest!

Here's what you need to know:

🌲 We have four categories once again this year:

  • LinkTrees (this category is permanent each year)

  • LinkLight & Dark (photos that display astounding lights and/or shades)

  • LinkSeasons (photos that represent one of the seasons or a certain time of year)

  • Link2020 (any photo that resonates with or represents this crazy year)

🌲 You may submit up to 12 photos total. You may choose how to divide those among the different categories, but please do not submit more than 12.

🌲 Please post your photos in the appropriate thread on our forums, located Linkhere. You may also submit photos via a link to an image hosting site in a telegram to Mount Seymour.

🌲 The photos must be taken by you, but can be taken at any time (not just during the contest).

🌲 Anyone in Forest or in a region which has an embassy with Forest may submit photographs for the Contest.

🌲 Timing:

  • Submissions will be open from December 18 at 00:00 GMT (7:00pm Dec 18 EST) to January 23rd at 23:59 GMT.

  • Voting will begin on January 23rd at 23:59 GMT and end January 30th at 23:59 GMT.

🌲 Voting will take place on a Google Form. Needless to say, please no puppeteering!

🌲 The photographers with the top three photographs in each category will have their photos acknowledged on our RMB, on our World Factbook Entry, and potentially in our next foreign update. A banner will also be created with a collage of the top photos to applaud the winners, and participants in the competition will be encouraged to add it as their nation's custom banner. Forest's flag will also be changed to the 1st place photos in each category for a week after the Contest.

Now it's time to head out and start photographing! Good luck to everyone!

Any questions about the Contest should be directed to Mount Seymour.


Read dispatch

Happy photographing!

I love u lots
The Free Bears of Bears Armed

"Happy Relevant Holidays!" to all of you.

Here are a few presents _

Grosseschnauzer: 'Spectacled Chipmunk' (which might entertain some of the schnauzers... ;) )
Laeral: 'Blue Weeping Willow; also, you probably have Hydrangeas growing wild...
Lauchenoiria: 'Wild Dwarf Lilac', growing on hillsides
Malabra: 'Red-bearded Barbet', a bird from the endemic family Malabraiavidae (related to Toucans & Woodpeckers) whose existence you previously agreed.
United New England: 'Sapphire-breasted Bee-eater', a bird [Meropidae]
Zamastan: 'Zamaro Dyewood', a tree similar in usefulness to the RL 'Brazilwood'.

The United Ruthenian Empire of Trive 38


Seeing as approximately six months have elapsed since Xiomera was elected World Assembly Delegate of the International Democratic Union, in accordance with Section I of the Delegacy Election Act, Trive, Speaker of this International Democratic Union States Assembly, do alert this assembly of my intentions to open nominations for Delegate to the World Assembly (Schedule I for 2021) at 12:00 PM (GMT -3) on Friday, December 18th, 2020. The opportunity for nominations shall remain available until Saturday, December 26th, 2020 at 23:59 PM (GMT -3). All nominations made before or after the aforementioned time slot will be discarded.

All interested in running must state their intentions to run in the following thread:

The Republic of Libertas Omnium Maximus

Hey all,

It's time for a short, but long-awaited IDU Olympiad update. On the dedicated IDUO discord server, some initial planning has been done and we are aiming to start the next Olympic games by the summer of 2021. Since I am stepping down as IDOUC Chair, the time has come for a successor to rise and take my place. I've opened up the thread on the regional forums and look forward to seeing all of the applications/self-nominations.

You can find the mentioned thread by following this link.

As a reminder, the Chair should be an experienced Sports RPer (at least, somewhat experienced) and have participated in the 2019-2020 Olympic Games.

Long Live the Games,

Libertas Omnium Maximus

The Commonwealth of Comhar

To all those the celebrate... Merry Christmas. And peace to everyone!

The Federation of Lauchenoiria

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!

Naboompu, Comhar, and Xiomera


Lauchenoiria wrote:Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!

Merry Christmas, all!

The Social Democracy of Gardavasque

Warm greetings to you all.
If you have not already done so, please vote *FOR* the current GA Resolution to Commend Verdant Haven. The IDU and Forest have long been great friends, and the candidate is definitely worthy of recognition for a job well done. Over the past two years, Forest has maintained a strong and vibrant community in difficult circumstances due in part to the leadership of Verdant Haven as Foret Keeper. Their commitment to government transparency and democratic principles are exemplary and therefore worthy of your vote.
As you may know, my Puppet Azaffran was recently named ambassador to Forest. Please feel free to message me with your Forest questions.

The Empire of Xiomera

Just to remind everyone, today is the last day for Delegate nominations. If youíre interested in the role, please self-nominate yourself in the thread that Trive posted above!

The Empire of Xiomera

Democratic Times News Update: Special coverage of tomorrow's election in the Slokais Islands

The space cosby

Bippidy Boopidy, meesa got galactic puddin' pops.

OOC: Separatist Peoples and I got bullshitting around OOC and this was the end result, don't ask how, we don't know how.

The Resurgent Republic of Aertemedia

Hello. a late happy holidays to all.

The United States of Grand Maghreb

Hello, I am new to the Region , nation No. 110
Happy new year to all ;-)

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