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The Akhand Rashtra of Hindu Ram Rajya

Gujarat Parma wrote:If he gets a superpower and takes advantage of it, then that will lead to banning or disciplinary consequences if the Founder of India or the WA Delegate of India decides/agrees to.

That is unlawful, and instead, again, the WAD could file a case against him and if the claims are true indeed, we'll give him ban or disciplinary consequences. The presence of court is to dispense equal and fair justice, and provide a fair trial to all unless of course he pleads guilty immediately.

Madhyarashtra, Gadhavi, Keshav2425, Devraj, and 2 othersPatiala and east punjab states union, and Gadhvi

Post self-deleted by Gadhavi.

Post self-deleted by Gadhavi.

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The Holy of Indusse

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The Big Gay Union of Kalaascovy
The Hindu - Islam Union of New indusse
The Republic of Gadhavi

Nation's numbers are decreasing

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The Republic of Gadhvi

Can we make a server for Indian Mars and can we start RP also here because Population is decreasing


Hi, IVC here!

The Hindu - Islam Union of New indusse

Karmaraj wrote:Hi, IVC here!


The Empire of Shreekaristan

Vote for condemn Genua

The Commonwealth of Pallapati

Hey guys

The Copium Republic of Indian Liberals

Pallapati wrote:Hey guys


The Democratic Republic of Sanasparia
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