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Post by Flashboom suppressed by Foxomexra.

The Federal Republic of Foxomexra

The RMB is not explicitly for roleplay, however if you want to have a casual conversation I would suggest using Telegrams or joining the Discord server as it makes the process far simpler. Avoid filling the RMB will many single/few word sentences please.

The Benevolent wonderful nation of Federal republic of Socialsts

Halsuntria wrote:Could you not quadruple post? (I didn't even realize that's possible)

My sincerest and unreserved apologies
I shall delete them all and Collate them into a singular post

The Principate of Vultesia

Lankterlerp, stop spamming the Regional Message Board. Yours truly, the RMB mod.

The Benevolent wonderful nation of Federal republic of Socialsts

1. do any of you guys here like motorsport? Excluding anyone who has migrated to NEE (I mean everyone except Zanjact ignored my Idea for A GP racing tournament), I thought that I should try and get involved in the region (as this is ever so slightly bigger than NEE, around 316 more nations so its close)
2. what is the reasoning behind the decision to go against both the SC and GC proposals?

The Free Land of Latvia and Saaremaa

Wellsenfaile wrote:Use ctrl f

From what I've been told Maricoen couldn't keep/manage and it was having a toll on them NEE so they disbanded the region.

I am not doing this on a PC
I am typing this on a tablet so ctrl f won't work

The Free Land of Latvia and Saaremaa

Foxomexra wrote:The RMB is not explicitly for roleplay, however if you want to have a casual conversation I would suggest using Telegrams or joining the Discord server as it makes the process far simpler. Avoid filling the RMB will many single/few word sentences please.

Hello foxomexra
What happened with Lankterlerp spamming?

The Benevolent wonderful nation of Federal republic of Socialsts

Foxomexra wrote:The RMB is not explicitly for roleplay, however if you want to have a casual conversation I would suggest using Telegrams or joining the Discord server as it makes the process far simpler. Avoid filling the RMB will many single/few word sentences please.

OK thanks, where can I find the Discord link?

Post self-deleted by Zanjact.

The Benevolent wonderful nation of Federal republic of Socialsts

Zanjact wrote:

cheers my dude

Post self-deleted by Zanjact.

The Empire of Wellsenfaile

Directors, you should make a rules dispatch explaining all the rules on the RMB.

The Federal Republic of Foxomexra

Wellsenfaile wrote:Directors, you should make a rules dispatch explaining all the rules on the RMB.

Other than "don't spam" and "follow NationStates' rules" there's not really anything else for OOC posting.

The United Nation of Flashboom

OOC: just wanted to let you guys know that Derek Chauvin has been found guilty

The Empire of Wellsenfaile

Flashboom wrote:OOC: just wanted to let you guys know that Derek Chauvin has been found guilty

Justice has been served!

The Free Land of Isshiki

    | IRN - Isshiki Revolutionary Network |


  1. ( Regional Politics - " Raid On the Red Zone ")

  2. ( Cultural Bloc - " A Small Story II ")


           | 20th, April, 8 - " Light At The End of The Tunnel " | 


        | The morning was abrupt for all the inhabitants of the infamous red zone, when more than five contingents of police and volunteer militia began to raid key points along the crowded collection of precarious houses in the area. Quickly, the more than a thousand troops of the operation surrounded the area and took on the tricky task of finding those responsible for the past attack on Shizukesa Square during the protests. |

        | Beyond a few shoves and small clashes, the police and security forces had no major problem and managed to cover even more than was initially thought. There were more than 200 detainees for possession of weapons, dangerous materials, conspiracy, criminal organizations and disruption of public order; including many suspected of having participated directly or indirectly during the fatal attack. |

        | The revolutionary government announced the apprehension of those responsible for the attacks and their collaborators, in addition to the just and firm suspicion of support from the Tuaran in the organization of the attack. We do not know how many, but there are several detainees are being interrogated right now, according to official reports, by the police; however there are several rumors that these have been transferred to OSS headquarters. |

           | 20th, April, 2 - "  The Green Beetle - Chapter Two - By Akihiro Yakahana " | 


        | For the bull beetle it was not important whether or not it carried the green beetle, its strong and large legs allowed it to move slowly but steadily. However, it wasn't long when they ran into the first problem of their long journey, behind the hill was a large forest that stretched as far as the eye could see. The forest presents a complicated situation, for the large and heavy bull beetle, it was a blessing to have a cover from its most common predator, the prairie birds. But the story was different with the green beetle, which felt much more comfortable in the wide and clear green meadows, where its weak armor served as camouflage, but in the forest ... in the forest the green beetle had no opportunity in front of a scorpion, a wasp, a spider or even a toad.

        In a few moments, the green beetle began to fear the slow but sure march of its companion, who was heading decisively into the dark forest. The green beetle thought, rather dreamed, that the course of the bull beetle would change at the last second, and he would turn straith for the continuation of the green meadows to which he was so comfortable. But when it became clear that the bull beetle was not going to do such a thing, he began to worry, a part of him knew that nothing would happen to him in the forest if he was accompanied by such a beast as his companion, however, within the most remote part of his beetle soul, came a voice of terror and wisdom, which reminded him that the forest is the cemetery of his kind.

        The green beetle began to tremble, and it did not take long for the bull beetle to realize how his companion looked with suspicion and horror at how many branches close to the ground crossed the winding and humid forest road of leaves. At first he thought it was only a matter of time until he gained confidence and calmed down, but whenever they passed over fallen branches or especially dark sections, the green beetle would lean to the other end of the bull beetle's back, as if wanting to save the largest distance between him and that fatal destiny that he supposed awaited him.

        -"You are not afraid of the forest, are you?" said the bull beetle in a friendly but cautious tone, assuming that his new friend would not be so willing to reveal his now obvious fear.

        The green beetle kept quiet, the bull beetle stopped and after a while the green beetle finally responded.

        -"I'm... only afraid of some shadows.." said in green beetle in an unconvincing tone.
        -"Perfect, because we'll spend several days in this forest" said the bull beetle happily, expecting a confession by giving such a daunting vision.
        -"Ohh, alright" said the green beetle clearly overwhelmed.
        -"So you wouldn't mind if we go through the forest of the dark moon?" said the bull beetle in a now noticeably mocking tone.

        Before he could respond, a murmur cut through the leaves to his right, and the undergrowth immediately became silent, the bull beetle stopped short, and for an instant all was silent; it was clear that something was stalking them. |

The Republic of Qui Latine

Battle of Qutin Chikara:
Part of a joint operation with Kyapita.
|Part 1, background + hostage|

It was the 25th of April, after a week of bread and wine policy with the Kyapitians, they were willing to fight alongside Qui Latineans. They outnumbered the Qui Latinean soldiers they were to fight beside, and with guidance, they proved an essential tool in the upcoming battle. In total, 800 men comprised the joint force, 200 Qui Latineans, and 600 Kyapitans. The target for the operation was a city by the name of Kakomareta 'まれた', and this first move aimed at a massive span of wheat fields that surrounded the city.

A stream flowed around the fields; some two feet wide, it would prove a disadvantage for movement but pose no problem to firing across. The question for decorated lieutenant colonel, Altaajir, was as simply put as, 'how do we best use the Kyapitan forces?'. Figuring the language and the prominent personalities of insurgents were points of them being Kyapitan, he chose to blend them in; Because they acted so much like other revolutionary groups, they would blend in as friendlies if done right. The next question arose, 'what is the best way to use a poorly organized force, even if they lack in firepower, to do things undercover?'

After thinking on it for a short time, the answer came to him, why couldn't he use them as spies checking out best routes of advance? And so in the following morning, amongst the dripping tears of the sky, 200 hundred scouts went forward to check out roads and paths across the stream. Altaajir received important information regarding infrastructure and bridges after they returned. A few picked up on other features, such as inclines and buildings, which became serviceable as well.

Then it became time to deploy. Altaajir chose to form two separate battle lines, one facing it head-on and a second to flank after their attention diverted. While the term 'battleline' medieval, it about summed up what he wanted to do. Five hundred men moved into the first battleline, and three hundred deployed into the second flanking line. Within each line, there were platoons and squads assembled into positions best favoring their directives. One of the instrumental directives was the kidnapping of Orokana Sumāto, an enemy weapons supplier that they had acquired intel from during the scouting.

A few minutes passed as Altaajir studied what lay in front of his troops and those under Kyapitan control. When the time felt right, each body in the grass moved with the intent of reaching the shimmering wheat beyond the stream. 'The trees around me passed; The rocks, grass, and flowers failed at hiding us. We prepared to leap forward and find cover among farmsteads and fences, and once bullets started flying, the barn ahead looked all too inviting. Our directive was to take 'Orokana something ...' hostage and then make sure no more guns made it to the enemy.'

'When we first started shooting, our senses lit up like stars in the night sky. I could smell the bread and the gunpowder that exploded in the barrels of our guns. My eyes scanned back and forth between boreal trees and magnificent rocks; While my ears filled with distorted gunshots and screams. The dust of the home settled on my skin. I felt each kick of the gun as it moved with force towards my shoulder, which braced against it. The iron scope ahead of me shifted with my head as the sights moved over pale, armed soldiers. As soon as they fell lifeless, I could feel a rush of adrenaline flow through my arms and fingers.'

'Then an open area forms where no-one fires because they are under suppressive fire, we go for it. Scents of grass and mud fill the atmosphere as the dirt lays drastically changed by the boots. As we make our way to rock, my feet slip, my ears fill once more with inpatient violence. Iron sights line up again, bullets fly again, people drop lifeless again. By repetition of this process, we find Sumāto's home out here in the out-most stretches of the city. Boots stomp around the wood floors and up the carpet stairs, and a fresh silence soothes my ears. The door to his study opens, we find him standing there with his hands already up. It is our job to bring him back to Altaajir and ask what we must do next.'

The Dominion of South Ildan

Hello. I know I haven't posted in a while, but here's some South Ildanian history!

Maximillian Swafford (National Party)
Maximillian Authur Edward Swafford is the first President of the Dominion of South Ildan. Swafford founded the nation after victory over republicanist and communist forces in the third Ildanian civil war. Swafford was elected president by a landslide for five terms until his death due to a stroke in 2009. Swafford is a legend among South Ildanian citizens due to his status as National founder. Swafford was one of the main authors of the consititution. Swafford square, the location of the presidential residence, Swafford county, and Port Swafford are named for him.

Henry Zhou (National Party)

Henry Jackson Zhou was the second president of South Ildan, serving two terms from 2009-2017. Zhou was a military officer in the civil war, and served as secretary of foreign affairs under Swafford. Zhou was elected by a landslide for his first term, due to President Swafford's endorsement. Zhou introduced economic policies that caused severe poverty in the countryside, and magnified wealth disparities. Zhou was barely elected for a second term. After Zhou's sudden death due to a heart attack, General John Hearst took power in a coup. A military dictatorship was established.

James Corver (Farmer's party)

James Corver was elected in the snap election following the exile of military dictator John Hearst. Corver served as Sheriff of Hammond county from 1991-2007. Corver was the first president from a party other than the National party to be elected. James Corver is the co- founder of the populist Farmer's party. In office, Corver has raised taxes on the wealthy and provided aid to struggling farms. Corver is a devout Jatakist, and overturned the law banning religious education in public schools.

Read factbook

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