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10000 Island FAQs

10000 Islands FAQ

How do I become a Citizen? / What is the difference between WA and Non-WA membership?
All 10000 residents in the WA are citizens of 10000 Islands. Citizens are eligible to vote and run in various elections and hold certain government positions, where as non-WA members are not able to.

How do I join TITO?
Please read this> LinkJoin TITO

How can I get added to the map?
You need to register a forum account, and have a minimum of ten posts over a period of one month.
You also must be a Citizen (WA resident) of 10000 Islands, with a national population of at least 250 Million.

What are Houses? / How do I join a House? / How do I found a House?
Houses are simply groups of nations recruited by the House founder and other House members. They're small communities within the larger forum community.
Recruited nations typically join the House of the nation that recruited them. If you've come across the region by some method other than an invitation telegram, then you should choose which House you wish to join yourself. To actually join a House, just post in the House's thread saying you want to join or send a message to the House's founder.
These are the requirements for founding a House:
1) Have a total of 6 months, consecutive or non-consecutive, in which the applicant has sent out a minimum of 500 TGs per month through the Accelerator.
2) Asking for the approval of the Minister of Immigration.
3) The Minister of Immigration will then bring the matter before the Council of Nine for a vote.
4) A majority vote in the Co9 will formally establish the rights of that nation to start their own House. Nations that do not get a majority vote in the Co9 the first time around will have to wait 30 days before submitting another House request.
You can find more information or join a House here: LinkJoin a House

What is the legislative process of this region? / How can I get onto the Council?
The Council of Nine is the legislative body of the Islands. Here legislation is written, passed, revised, and repealed. There is also a Senate Lobby, where you can bring matters to the attention of the Co9.
LinkSenate Lobby
There are 3 appointed, and 5 elected positions in the Council (the other is held by our Chief Executive). Elections occur every odd numbered month. Senators serve a 4-month term and the Delegate serves a 6-month term.

What is recruiting? How can I become a recruiter?
Recruiting is sending invitations to other nations. We use something called the Accelerator for ease of recruiting. Read here for more info. LinkObtaining an Accelerator Account

What is a buddy/How can I get a buddy?
Buddies are volunteer nations who help new players learn about the NationStates game and the 10000 Islands region. Once you register on our forums a volunteer will automatically be assigned to show you the ropes.

How does the XKI University Function? / How can I sign up for classes? / Are these like real classes?
The XKI University runs various classes and clubs. To sign up for a class, you usually just need to post in the classes sign up thread.

Rules for the Regional Message Board (RMB Etiquette):

The RMB (or Regional Message Board) is the common property of everyone in 10000 Islands. When posting on it, please observe these rules:

1. Be respectful of others and refrain from using offensive or profane language.

2. Allow for community discussions, i.e. refrain from posting in succession (double or triple posting).

3. Please be respectful of those who moderate the board. If a regional officer requests you to stop posting in some way, please oblige.

4. General, family friendly, community discussions are most welcome and appreciated. For spam-intensive or roleplay-intensive discussions, or discussions that require profanity (and some do), please go to the forum: LinkGo to the Forum

5. In general, the RMB is the first community interaction that new nations have with our region. Let's give them a great first impression!

6. In order that Delegate transitions are more easily achieved, we limit endorsements to 1/2 the total of the sitting Delegate. Endorsement trading (aka "endo tarting") is OK up to this limit, but if you are over this limit at the time of Delegate transition, once every 6 months, you will be asked to shed your endorsements to get to this limit - or failing that, be temporarily booted from the region (which will cost you all of your endorsements). So mind this limit please.

You can find more FAQs and answers here>
LinkMore Information about 10000 Islands

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