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Declaration of Freedom and of Constitutional Ideas

Every Women or Man has been created with certain undeniable rights, whether that of justice, liberty, or equality. And a nation must act accordingly to these factors of society.

In order for society to be complete, an individual nation or an individual of a nation must act accordingly to the laws of humanity which have been prescribed in this document.

Hereby as founder of the region of the Union of the Kind Ones do I order the following under our region.

Article 1: Civil Rights

It is understood that for society to function, an understanding of humanity and recognition of all is required. Hereby do we state the following.

1) All humans, no matter what race, culture, or religion, must be given equal opportunities to contribute towards society.

2) Throughout the course of history, women of our societies have been shamed if they wanted to help society in any way. Hereby does this document state that men and women must be given equal opportunities no matter what.

If a nation is found guilty of going against these basic standards, and have received a fair trial by the founder and officers, that nation must be ejected and also BANNED. They may not come back even if they motion for an appeal.

Article 2: Elections

In order for our region to be run properly, the people will appoint officers. After an officer of the region is appointed, that officer must act with the interest of our region.

His Majesty mandates that elections will be by the vote of the people and elections will be called when His Majesty calls for one. If an individual would like to be in position, one should telegram me their proposals.

The rules for the elections will be set when an election occurs by the founder with agreement of the officers.

Elections shall occur the fifth of every month. However, if the people feel that no election is needed for a said position, no election shall occur.

The election process shall go like this.

1) A nation who shows interest in running shall telegram the current "Majesty of the Realms" who will give approval if they can run.
2) A poll will be released and the individual who has the majority vote shall receive the position. If someone tries to take an office that is filled, there will be two candidates, the current officer and the other individual.

Individuals guilty of cheating, or of unfair practice must be ejected and BANNED from the region. An appeal may be made to come back.

Article 3: Officials

The following nations who helped to found the region must be given office for life unless of abdication or death, or found guilty of corruption by fair trial given by all officers and the founder.

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Abdication also includes if your nation ceases to exist.

However, there are several positions for many other nations to be included in!

Here are the following Govt. Positions of UKO.

-Founder Compound light microscope
(Maintains regional order-permanent tittle)
-Majesty of the Realms-Monarch
(Monarch-Passed on from royal family member to another royal family member)
-Honorable Prime Minister
(Oversees all regional decisions by all other officers)
-Honorable Secretary of Media and Communication.
(Represents the region and maintains media organizations of UKO)
-Honorable Secretary of National Security
(Ensures the safety of the region)
-Honorable Secretary of Culture
(Keeps records and keeps track of regional events/maps etc.)

The following positions will be removed due to their lack of use for the region.

-Honorable Secretary of Research and Development
-Honorable Secretary of Law and Order
-Supreme Judge of the Monarchy

Article 4: Freedom of Nations

The constitution of the region is not meant to completely govern a nation, but rather to provide the basic fundamentals of how a nation should base its standards off of. This constitution and all of its ideas must be followed as this constitution promotes equality, freedom, and liberty.

Article 5: Changing the Regional Constitution

All officers The majority of officials (by vote) must agree to make a change to the constitution. Citizens may telegram the founder or any officer to make any suggestions for changes.

Article 6: Appeals

An appeal may be made to come back into the region. Here is the process...

1) A nation(s) may telegram the current “Majesty of the Realms” and all the other officers. An emergency meeting will be called in the UKO Courtroom. Then statements will be made by the individual making the appeal and by anyone who wishes to speak. Then by majority vote will they either be let back into the region or banned again from the region.
Please note that you can’t make another appeal unless given permission from the founder.

Article 7: Embassies

In order to maintain inter regional stability, UKO is trying to maintain as much embassies as possible. However, there are a few exceptions to having an embassy with a region of...

1)They are a raider region.
2)They go against the ideologies of UKO.

Article 8: Impeachment

If an officer/member of the royal family is suspected of going against the values of UKO, their powers will be restricted and an emergency meeting on the UKO courtroom will be called. Statements will be read by the DEFENSE and the PROSECUTER.
The judge will be the current “Majesty of the Realms.” By majority vote will it be decided that an individual(s) will be kept or removed from office.

Article 9: Duties of the Royal Family

The royal family has been established and is an important part of the monarchy. The royal family rules are already established under the UKO factbook. However, it is the duty of the royal family to uphold the constitutional values and principles of UKO. Members of the royal family are not above the law and are subject to impeachment.
The members of the royal family are appointed by the current “Majesty of the Realms” and cannot be removed by anyone or the next “Majesty of the Realms” unless they are found guilty of going against the principles of UKO.

Article 10: Establishment of the Parliament

In order to create a productive region with satisfied citizens do I hereby establish the parliament.
The "members" of the parliament shall include every citizen of UKO unless that privlege has been revoked by the FOUNDER or current "MAJESTY OF THE REALMS." The parliament shall meet whenever the "Founder" or current "Majesty of the Realms" calls for a meeting. If three months go by without a meeting of the parliament, a meeting will be held regardless with the presence of the founder or current "Majesty of the Realms." The parliament shall discuss and make decisions based on current UKO events that need attention. All votes during parliament meetings will need a majority vote The parliament will also draft legislation and pass it to the desk of the current monarch/founder and officers. In order for this piece of legislation to pass, all officers must agree. However, the FOUNDER can completely deny the piece of legislation. If the position of monarch does not belong to the founder, the current monarch does not have the same rights.

Article 11: Nation States Moderators

Everyone in the Union of the Kind Ones shall respect the NS Moderators and their decisions. However, if you feel that they abused their power, there are different ways to report that rather than to yell and scream at them on our RMB. That may cause your nation to get into trouble.

Article 12: Military Forces

In the event of an emergency (ex: Raiders attack us), it is required that nations due their best to endorse our current WA delegate. At this time, we do not choose to join a defender group. In the event they (defenders) wish to help, a majority vote shall determine if we should seek their assistance.

Article 13: Environmental respect

All members of the Union of the Kind Ones shall pledge to always take care of the environment to their best capabilities.

Article 14: Times of Emergency

In the event of a regional emergency which can be declared by the FOUNDER, MONARCH, or PRIME MINISTER, a lock on the region shall be put onto the region. Here are a few more protocols.

1) The founder and anyone who has "executive" authority may choose to dissolve the entire government.
2)If the founder is deceased, the PM and Monarch will come together and plan to create a new region and will only give trusted members of UKO the password to enter the newly formed region.
3) Any other ideas that may come up must be approved by 2/3 of the officers.

If ALL officers and monarch and the founder cease to exist, the citizens may decide on what to do with the region.

Article 15: Nukes Policy

Article 16: The Judicial System

All judicial matters shall be held in the region Union of the Kind Ones Royal Courtroom If an individual is suspected of any crime, they must recieve a fair trial with a prosecuter and a defense attorney. The current monarch shall always act as judge unless otherwise noted.

In order for a verdict to go through, a majority of the officers must agree. The exeption is that the FOUNDER may carry out any verdict without any approval. If the position of monarch is not held by the founder, the current monarch does not receive these rights.

Article 17: Awards

Awards are used to recognize the great actions by individual nations/groups in UKO.
The following awards are...
"Honorable Nation Award" which is given to a nation that has done great service to our region.

"Monarchical Medal of Honor" which is given to a nation in which the monarch believes has done exemplary service during times of emergency in UKO.

Article 18: Goals of the Union of the Kind Ones."

Some goals of UKO is too...
1)Establish a constitutional monarchy that treats everyone fairly.
2)Establish inter-regional communications.
3)Help to promote a better world in Nation States.

May this constitution help bring stability and peace to the region and to the world.

His Majesty of
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Founder of
Union of the Kind Ones

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