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(OLD VERSION) Offsite Properties [AA]

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This page contains information concerning the offsite properties of the Augustin Alliance. Please direct any questions to August.

The Discord server of the Alliance is located here: Link[Invite Link]

The Discord server bot is AugustinAndroid: [Info]

The Alliance does not maintain any other Discord servers. Any servers claiming affiliation with the Alliance or any of its regions or subdivisions do so without official recognition.

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Enforcement Overview: Our offsite community, while generally calm and self-regulating, does have a few rules to keep things running smoothly. For maximum clarity, expectations for moderation staff have been included, along with standard guidelines for normal users. Please familiarize yourself with these before using our server.

Rules for Users

1. Respect the purpose of each channel.
#general: All conversation except for music, links, and extended debate. Do not summon the bot.
#casual: Music, voice chat-related text, links, and lightweight conversation. Bot calls are permitted.
#serious: News feeds and extended discussion or debate about serious topics.
Region-specific: Conversation pertaining to individual regions. Topics are set and rules are enforced by regional officials.
Roleplay: Separated into character and nation roleplay, and OOC channels. Do not post OOC in the IC channels, or vice versa.

2. Make sure your nickname on the server is the same as your main nation name. If it is not, it will be changed by a moderator. Impersonation is prohibited.

3. Do not post highly offensive, illegal, or NSFW material, or link to sites where such material is immediately visible or accessible.

4. Do not harass other users (ie, by making repeated personal attacks, sexual advances, or other undesirable contact toward a user after being asked to stop by that user).

5. Do not post any personal information belonging to another user unless they have approved it for public sharing. This includes, but is not limited to, information that could be used to identify that person.

6. Do not spam in any channel. This includes, but is not limited to, nonsense posts, repeats, frivolous pings, excessive emoticon use, and bot calls that disrupt an ongoing conversation.

7. Do not promote other regions, servers, or organizations. If someone asks for a server invite link, send it by DM. This rule also applies to for-profit advertisement. Legitimate requests to promote a region or server may be approved by any moderator.

8. Do not troll or flame other users with obscene, gratuitous insults against individuals or groups, or threats or advocacy of real-world violence.

9. Do not recommend that other users violate NationStates rules, or discuss ways to do so.

10. Please respect the authority of the Founder, Administrator, and moderators. If you are told to stop, you should stop. If you run into anyone breaking the rules, or if you need assistance, please use the !report command.

Note: Offensiveness is highly subjective, and it is not the duty of staff to protect you from being offended. Furthermore, staff are not the logic police, and will not issue warnings for poor arguments unless an actual rule is broken.

Moderator Expectations

1. Staff are held to the same standard as other users, and must follow the same ruleset. There are no exceptions to this. Those who abuse their position to commit rule violations are subject to removal from their positions following a review by the Administrator.

2. Frivolous kicks, bans, or post deletions by staff will not be tolerated. If a frivolous kick, ban, or deletion is suspected, users are asked to report the case to the Administrator for review.

3. Violation of each rule has a minimum consequence. This minimum escalates for users with a history of violations, or for cases where malicious intent is apparent. The consequence progression is as follows: Advise -> Warn -> Mute -> Kick -> Ban.

Rule 1 (channel topics): Advise (minimum). Enforcement will err on the side of leniency, but problem users may be confined to the #casual channel.

Rule 2 (impersonation): Advise (minimum). Once asked to stop, non-compliant users will be kicked immediately.

Rule 3 (content): Warn (minimum). Rulebreaking posts will be deleted.

Rule 4 (harassment): Warn (minimum). Consequences will escalate rapidly depending on circumstances. Major cases will be forwarded to the Administrator in accordance with the Harassment Policy.

Rule 5 (privacy): Mute (minimum). Consequences will escalate rapidly depending on circumstances. Major cases will result in a ban, following discussion.

Rule 6 (spam): Advise (minimum). Rulebreaking posts will be deleted. Most cases will result in at least a warning, and users who join for the sole purpose of spamming will be immediately kicked.

Rule 7 (advertising): Warn (minimum). Rulebreaking posts will be deleted. Users may request permission to advertise certain events or organizations.

Rule 8 (trolling): Mute (minimum). Threats or advocacy of real-world violence will be met with an immediate kick.

Rule 9 (NationStates): Mute (minimum). Once asked to stop, non-compliant users will be kicked immediately.

Rule 10 (authority): Case by case.

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Founder August (@August#4079 ; ID: 213088304537534464)

DiRito-Opolis (@DiRito#6186 ; ID: 300386752105938974)
Emiline (@TheRobocrat#7505 ; ID: 311192853684420618)

(Senior) Kurczak mielony (@drhorrible#0032 ; ID: 302973359501737986)
Helaw (@Phantasmagoria#0001 ; ID: 133214930051661824)
Peacockastan (@Peacock#7025 ; ID: 436308547257630720)
Oshima Bafuku (@[Insert_Person_Here]#6003 ; ID: 285855888336486400)
Socratipolis (@TL30#6851 ; ID: 211295016079851521)

Outside of region-specific Discord channels, regional officials are not moderators and do not necessarily hold any offsite permissions. However, officials do speak from a position of seniority (and frequently experience), so their advice should be considered when given.

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