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(OLD VERSION) History [AA]

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The following are records of historical dates and numbers, aggregated from all five regions and updated weekly. Please direct any questions to August.

Chapter One:
The Alliance's roots date back to January 2016, when an early version of the structure and a long-term plan for the organization was drafted by August. Several regions were mapped out, each with their own identity. The first of these regions, the Cape of Good Hope, was founded just days after August returned from several years of limbo. This region, affectionately called "the Cape," had the least structure or direction of all, but as fate would have it, a small and quirky roleplay community sprang up over its first month. This group, sparked by the first-ever Alliance resident, Coadun, came to define the Cape's identity permanently.

In late February, the second region was launched. Conch Kingdom was more thoroughly planned, and within minutes of its founding, it had a forum, a WFE, and a welcoming telegram. Manual recruitment commenced at once, to great success. It was meant to be the "big-tent" region of the Alliance, using a tropical theme and high levels of political freedom to create mass appeal. Sure enough, the hundredth nation arrived less than a month later, with the two hundredth arriving in April.

The launches of all the Alliance regions were staggered over the course of a year and a half, giving each time to grow before the next one could demand attention. In time, the first two regions developed both internally and externally, filling their political frameworks and branching out into the world through embassies and military activity. The Conch Kingdom Naval Reserve set sail in June, followed shortly by the Cape Defense Force. These simple military organizations were not especially powerful, but they built valuable alliances and provided training to a rising generation in their home regions.

July 2016 marked the true beginning of the Alliance. On the 22nd of that month, an announcement was made on the RMBs of both regions, revealing that August was the founder of both and proclaiming them to be the first member regions. Embassy construction began at once. Not long after, in September, a Discord server was created by Helaw for Conch Kingdom, and was shortly thereafter expanded to the entire Alliance. This server grew rapidly, and integrated the member regions in a way the embassies never could. Another major unifying event came with the founding of the Joint Task Force (JTF), when the piler forces of Conch Kingdom and Cape of Good Hope merged into an advanced, update-capable independent military. The catalyst for this was a weeks-long siege of the region Femdom Empire, which ultimately failed, but allowed the Alliance forces to gain considerable update experience and forge strong relationships with defenders.

While the military strength of the Alliance was consolidating, the next region was being refounded. Ridgefield was actually the first region August had ever founded, in October 2010, but it was lost and spent years under the control of a region-squatter. In January 2017, following months of infiltration, August managed to recapture the region under its original founding nation. At once a unique new government system was rolled out, a strict meritocracy with quality regulations and mandatory WA membership. It would be a long time before recruitment could begin, though, and soon enough the next region was ready.

Land's End had been planned from the beginning, and was originally founded in March 2016, but the launch did not take place until twelve months later. Its capitalist leanings and structure, which resembled that of a publicly-traded corporation, filled an open niche in a market saturated by liberal democracies and communist dictatorships. Overnight it took off, and was for a time the Alliance's strongest contributor, driving Discord traffic and deploying enthusiastic new nations with the JTF. Its Board of Directors also proved adept at foreign affairs, breaking the Alliance-wide convention of minimal embassy activity.

April Fools 2017 was a landmark day. The world unexpectedly broke loose into nuclear war, with regions everywhere savagely turning each other into plate glass. Amid the chaos, the Alliance saw an opportunity. It was not particularly large yet, nor was it known internationally, but its ability to coordinate was well-established. A strategy was developed and ad hoc coalitions were made, while its agreements with raider and defender factions kept it safe from ideological battles. When the dust settled, the four small regions had claimed victory, thrusting themselves into the spotlight. In the aftermath, a forum embassy was created and news dispatches started going out more regularly, generating even more publicity. Hundreds of new nations moved in. The new golden age had arrived.

In May and June, the JTF was at its apex. It conducted its first large-scale occupation in St Abbaddon, and showed its knack for the unconventional by destroying US Military, a raider region with an active founder and non-executive delegate, and Union of the Fascist Nations, a 680-nation passworded stronghold with a forty-endorsement delegate. By this point, it was running operations nearly nonstop, either on its own or in conjunction with other raider and defender organizations. It was also building a reputation of trustworthiness that was unprecedented for an independent military. No organization was unwilling to cooperate with it, and this attitude extended to the Alliance as a whole.

Most of the Alliance's history had proceeded according to plan, but June 2017 began with a surprising event: the addition of a new region. Months before, Gibraltarica had approached August about building a community in a region they controlled, Narnia. Terms were agreed upon, and construction began in secret. The launch came on the first of June to great fanfare. As usual, the structure of the region was a unique one, with internal factions based on original Narnian characters battling for power. Growth was slightly slower than it had been for previous regions, and Narnia was forced to relaunch later in the summer, but it still managed a healthy level of activity in a short span.

On August 13th, the decision was made to close down the Augustin Alliance as an organization for an indefinite period of time. The news broke first in the Discord server, to an overwhelmingly negative response. Included in the statement were the Joint Task Force, which was disbanded immediately, and the server itself, which was archived and hidden from public view. Each of the five constituent regions continued their operations as normal, with no significant changes in government. The purpose of the shutdown was to provide a break for Alliance leadership, especially the founder, and to test the regions by forcing them to operate independently of their founder and each other. Though the effectiveness of this solution seemed uncertain at first, over the following months, most of the regions managed to regroup themselves and grow stronger than ever.

A mere two weeks after the shutdown of the Alliance, it was temporarily revived in response to the second worldwide nuclear war of 2017. Despite the lingering disarray at all levels of the former organization, combined with a dip in overall population, it managed to defeat all its adversaries, including multiple feeder and sinker conglomerates. This second victory was the last achievement of the dissolved Alliance. Later that week the world delivered the final sendoff, when the Security Council Commended the Alliance's founder, and no more was heard from then on.

The Alliance is dead. Long live the Alliance!

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Ridgefield is founded under Ridgefielders.


Cape of Good Hope is founded under August.


Conch Kingdom is founded under Conch Kingdom.


The Augustin Alliance is officially revealed to the public.


A Discord server is created by Helaw.


Ridgefield is reclaimed under its original founder, Ridgefielders, and brought into the Alliance.


The Augustin Alliance JTF is formed from the CKNR and CDF.


The milestone of ten thousand RMB posts is reached.


One year after its founding under Mercantana, Lands End is launched.


The Augustin Alliance is declared victorious in the world's first nuclear war.


A Gameplay forum embassy is established.


The milestone of five hundred nations is reached.


Narnia is launched under The Great Lion.


The Augustin Alliance is retired.


The scattered remnants of the Augustin Alliance are declared victorious in the world's second nuclear war.


The milestone of one million influence points is reached.


Dawn is brought into the Augustin Alliance as a colony with the transfer of its founder nation.


The peak number of combined WA nations is reached, with 328.


The peak number of combined nations is reached, with 979.


The peak number of combined delegate votes is reached, with 225.


The Augustin Alliance reopens.

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Nation Total

Population Total2

RMB Total

Discord Total3

Delegate Votes

Endorsement Total

Influence Total4

26 May 2018

653 (-30)

798 (+4)

40326 (+289)

7395 (+7395)

188 (+1)

5130 (+22)

1617074 (+42148)

02 June 2018

649 (-4)

808 (+10)

40596 (+270)

38735 (+31340)

189 (+1)

5377 (+247)

1636669 (+19595)

09 June 2018

658 (+9)

814 (+6)

40872 (+276)

57079 (+18344)

192 (+3)

5617 (+240)

1672349 (+35680)

16 June 2018

679 (+21)

806 (-8)

41116 (+244)

70242 (+13163)

192 (+3)

5886 (+269)

1725840 (+53491)

23 June 2018

670 (-9)

814 (+8)

41369 (+253)

82173 (+11931)

183 (-9)

5554 (-332)

1752047 (+26207)

30 June 2018

686 (+16)

835 (+21)

41706 (+337)

95691 (+13518)

185 (+2)

5931 (+377)

1774736 (+22689)

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1. Data for the week ending on this date.
2. Combined population of all resident nations, in billions.
3. Messages in all channels, starting from May 25th, 2018.
4. Combined influence of all resident nations.

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