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Communism Is Evil: Beware The Red Menace

Communism Is Evil: Beware The Red Menace

“Why do you think people defected from the Soviet Union back in the day, under the threat of imprisonment and death? Why do you think people are still risking their lives to swim out of Cuba? Just for fun? Why do you think every communist state was born in violence and held together by fear and isolation? If this is such a wonderful ideology that makes everything better for everyone, why is it that the only way for it to succeed is to force itself down people's throats?”
- Former Citizen Of The Soviet Union

Communism is but a form of slavery, controlling the masses under its tactics of fear. In all of history, those that used the principles of communism have showed nothing but pure tyranny and death of many people. Communism also abolishes religion as the government believes themselves as a “God”. Materialism becomes a big philosophy within Communism. This philosophy is dangerous and flawed. The teachings are as such, man is a electrochemical machine and nothing more. There is no soul, no spirit. Nothing but all things physical, down to just matter. So if this is one of the main philosophies of communism, why live? If there is no purpose in life, what will make a difference if you live or die? There is no hope for the better, no afterlife to strive for so my existence is but a stone on land. That’s communism for you.

Adding, in a Communist State, no matter how hard you work, all is paid and given equal effort. So say Bob and John go out to work. Bob goes out to help build a new statue for the government leader while John just sits around. After the day is over, everyone gets their pay. All equally no matter the effort put in. Same goes for a test, most get an A but one or two get an F, that gets rounded off for a equal grade of about a C. So basically no matter how hard you work, all gets equal credit. There is no purpose in a Communist State as no matter the effort put in for success it equals out for those that are sitting at home, unemployed. This results in the reduced incentives to work hard.

Communism is wrong, an evil ideology that only wants power and will do anything to achieve such. Will hurt it’s lower class, will destroy nations/regions and use the forces of hate and fear as its supply. There is no purpose in a Communist state, only destruction.

Antifa and Its Allies:

Antifa is an organization of radical principles, claiming to be “Anti-Fascist” and helping make society safer from hate as they claim. Though as shown in past and recent events, Antifa is a dangerous organization only spreading hate which goes against what they are fighting for. They use physical violence to hurt anyone who believes in conservative principles. They are extremists, antichrists only spreading their Communist beliefs while hurting anyone that doesn’t believe what they do. Antifa is just another weapon of Communism, they must be silenced to restore a safe environment so unity can be made for the better.

Beware of Antifa and their allies, organizations of hate and destruction.

To Join The Fight Against These Dangersome Communists, telegram Imperial macedonia Of The Black Sun or any Fascist/Anti-Communist region.

Let’s bring back order within NationStates!


Don’t Become A Drone In Their System.

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