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Embassadia Immigration Policy

Official Immigration Policy of Embassadia

Any state that decides to move to Embassadia is classified as an Immigrant.

Exception(s): States that represent their region and come to Embassadia as an ambassador are granted citizen status.

In order to apply for citizenship, you have to 1. Have a NationStates nation 2. Be in the region Embassadia 3. Be in Embassadia for at least 1 day 4. Post at least once on the RMB (Regional Message Board). After fulfilling these requirements, apply for citizenship on our forums.

On our forums, please tell us...
1. How did you get to Embassadia?
2. What made you decide to come here?
3. What are your plans to do in the region?
4. Have you joined the WA? If not, do you plan on doing so? If yes, when do you plan on doing so?
5. What regions have you been to previously?
6. Are you a puppet-state? If so, are you the puppet-state of a state in Embassadia?

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