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Roleplaying [CK]

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This page contains information about roleplay opportunities in Conch Kingdom. Please direct any questions to Tulov.

To jump into roleplaying in Conch Kingdom, you will first need to make a claim on our Regional Map. Follow the instructions laid out by the Cartographer, and once your claim has been approved you are cleared to start developing your nation. Our world is called Telrova, and the terrain, history, religions, languages and cultures of each claim are all up to each nation to individually decide. Next, you will need to read through our Rules for roleplaying, to understand what exactly is expected and to keep from violating them. After you have read through the rules, you will need to decide what type of nation you are going to roleplay as. Creating a basic factbook on your nation is highly recommended, as this will help other roleplayers to understand your nation and what it is like. In addition, use of our alternative to NS stats, the Power Point Ranking Chart (PPRC) is encouraged, as it will help to more closely dictate what you wish for your nation to be, as well as balancing things between older and newer nations.

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Roleplaying may occur in two places. General roleplaying shall take place on the Regional Message Board of our RP region. For quick moving roleplays, such as the meeting of diplomatic officials, it is recommended to use the roleplaying channels in our LinkDiscord server. Simply use the command " >request Roleplay " in the #casual channel to gain access.

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  • RMB RPing shall take place in our official RP region, Conch Kingdom RP. All posts shall be titled with the specific name of the roleplay, as to differentiate from other ongoing roleplays.

    • Please use this format at the top of all roleplaying posts:

      [b][u]RP:[/b][/u] Name of the RP

  • Please review your post before actually posting it, as to help prevent having to fix errors.

  • No God Modding

    • Being invincible, having no weaknesses, avoiding every (or nearly every) single attack/action directed towards your nation, personnel, units and equipment, forcing hits on other players nation, personnel, units or equipment.

  • No Power Playing

    • Taking control of another nation, its units, personnel, equipment or anything else that is not yours to control.

  • Please conduct Out of Character (OOC) messages in double brackets (such as (( )), [[ ]] or {{ }} ), as to help differentiate from In Character (IC) content.

  • Each person is in total control of their own country, as such, territorial changes, wars, forced regime changes and the such must be mutually agreed upon by both parties involved.

  • Define a year your roleplay will be taking place in, and a maximum level of tech allowed. Setting a minimum level of tech is also advised.

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