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Why Come to 10000 Islands?

On behalf of the 10000 Islands, I would like to invite you to join our region, one of the oldest and friendliest in NationStates. Come be a part of creating one of the largest and most energetic regions in the world. Whether you are new or an experienced NationStates player, we will welcome you!

Being a new leader can be a bit tricky, with many different people trying to gain your attention, so please let me offer you this thought. One of the first things you have to do in the game is chose a region. 10000 Islands will help you with that decision by giving you a safe place with experienced game players happy to help you figure this deceptively complicated game out. You can come for a visit or stay as long as you need; we’d be happy to see you either way.

Let me offer you the following enticements. First, we are home to "TITO" – Ten-Thousand Islands Treaty Organization - and have successfully defended over 1,750 regions to date. This means we have kept invading forces from sweeping aside the people who live in the region and destroying their hard work. We stand against the bullies and thugs of this game who attack innocent regions. Our strength also assures you of peace and security as you learn to play and participate in the game.

Second, we have a very active forum, and even a monetary system. This forum is one of the most fun places on NationStates, with a delightful cast of characters to play with and debate with. Military action, role playing, governmental duties, or just having fun! It’s one of my favorite places to visit.

1. We have an accessible regional government: The Council of 9 is comprised of 4 Senators, our Founder, Delegate, and the Heads of the 3 Ministries: Immigration, Labor, and Education.

2. TITO is our experienced and famous liberation and defense force. We've defended over 1700 regions to date! As a WA nation you can earn battle stars, medals and rewards for helping defend innocent regions from oppressive forces. You'll be active round the clock with this one...

3. Our forum has pioneered a working currency and economic system. The 'Taco' can be used to buy stocks and shares, create businesses in our private sector, pay wages, and buy lottery tickets amongst other things.

4. We have a diverse culture and regional history, which is archived for your perusal. If you’re interested, it’s quite a story.

5. We have an active University program, with classes in everything from cooking to military history and tons of other topics of interest.

6. Generally, Taco Island is also the best place if you just want to have fun. Taco Island can cater for to almost any form of entertainment. Over 500,000 posts can't be wrong!

Wouldn’t you like to be part of all this? Come and visit us at 10000 Islands, or better yet come and stay for a while!

To come see us, click on one of the links above or click the box at the bottom of the page.

I hope to see you wash up on our shores!

Warm regards -


The Big Bull of Woonsocket