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Want to Help with recruitment, READ THIS FIRST

Recruitment is an important part in keeping a region well populated and (helpfully by default) well active. If you're reading this dispatch then you've shown a mild interest in helping out. To that let me first say thank you! I realize we all have busy lives with busy schedules so its not easy to dedicate yourself to many things at once. That you're willing to help our community grow is amazing and I know your work won't go unnoticed! We've created this dispatch to give you all the pre-made tools possible to make recruiting for our region as easy a process as we can make it. Please if you find any typos or outdated information in any of the following LET A MODERATOR OF OUR REGION KNOW! Due to previous acknowledged business, we ourselves may miss it or not update it as quickly or as frequently as we'd like.

So one of the simplest ways you can help with the recruitment drive of our region is the bump our regional ad on the NS forums. Just following this like LINK and click the "post reply" button. A simply suggestion is that your reply should reflect something nice about the region but you can also simply reply to the ad with the usually "just a friendly bump" style of reply. Anything is helpful so long as you don't spam the thread with anything that is against nationstate policy regarding their forums or is overtly written to damage the reputation of our region. Any such activity will not be tolerated.

A more labor intensive way to help with recruitment is telegram recruitment. Now there are rules regarding telegram recruitment and posting recruitment messages on Regional Message Boards. Please consult the "help" section of NationStates to make sure you fully understand the rules before going about this means of recruitment. Now as from buying stamps in the telegram section of the game, sending telegrams to new nations takes time. However, to try and cut down of the amount of time necessary we are providing this pre-made telegram message you can use to advertise our region. We ask that you use this message in its entirely and only make minor modifications in the most specific of necessary cases. This is to ensure that information is not manipulated or otherwise misconstrued. Here is the message you can use:

Hi and welcome to NationStates. No doubt at this point you've received countless telegrams telling you all about the wonders of NationStates and how the game can only get better once you find the right region to dwell in. Finding the correct region can dictate how entertaining or boring this nation simulator game can be. For myself, since starting this game, I have been constantly entertained and have had a lot of fun and met a lot of interesting people. This is completely due to my region, the NationStates World Regions.

The NationStates World Regions is more than just a region, its the name of our community which stated out in the Middle East in 2002 and has since grown and expanded, both in size as well as history, into a well-developed and highly entertaining community of avid RolePlayers and NationStates enthusiasts. Our community has seen a variety of players over the years, with many of our oldest players having been around since NationStates began. However, as older players retire we are constantly on the look out for new players to join our community and add their own style and mark on our ever-growing history.

There is a lot which our community can offer such as a well organized off-site forum (http://s3.zetaboards.com/nationstates/index/), our own wiki, and just recently we've started our own discord channel to help our players better communicate instantly with one another. We also have maps to which your nation can gain a spot on. We're also an open and accepting region, so whether your nation is a South American Dictatorship, an Asian Fascist State, or an African Liberal Democracy we welcome it.
Again, I understand you're getting a lot of these telegrams but if you've read this far I say thanks. I'd also like to say that whether you choose to move to my region or not, I do hope you have fun and enjoy the game as long as I have.
Again thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Again I want to personally thank you for advertising and recruiting for our region. Our community can only grow and continue to prosper with the help of active members. Your work will ensure that this is the case and that as a community we can continue to tell enriching stories and generally have fun on NationStates.

The Principality of Bessarabia