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The Conch Code [CK] [OLD VERSION]

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This page contains a list of the region's officials and their responsibilities, as well as The Conch Code, the region's governing document. Please direct any questions to Tulov.

For election/appointment details, go here.

Royal Tier

Monarch The Sun Never Sets on the Empire of Conch Kingdom (Tier Director)

Executive Tier

Prime Minister The United Socialist States of Tulov (Tier Director)

|Commanding Officer [position vacant]

|Chief Recruitment Officer [position vacant]

|Advisory Division

|Chief of Staff The Retired Nation of Balan Bar

World Assembly Delegate Auraxia

|Vice Delegate [position vacant]

Department of Journalism

Minister of Journalism [position vacant] (Department Head)

|Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation

|KBC Chief Editor [position vacant]

|Conch Kingdom Times

|CKT Chief Editor [position vacant]

|Dispatch Department

|Dispatch Director [position vacant]

Administrative Tier

Department of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs Encyclopedia foundation (Department Head)

|Embassy Division

|Lead Diplomat The Madoka Theocracy of Her Majesty Silver Garden (Division Officer)

Department of the Interior

Minister of Domestic Affairs Kurczak mielony (Department Head)

|Archivist [position vacant]

|Graphic Designer Kurczak mielony

|Cartographer Auraxia

|Surveyors Akaroa, Haimato

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Every official in the region, elected or otherwise, may have an office from which he can address the other residents. From the office, the official is to state his vision for the region and how that applies to their particular position, as well as any notes regarding the way he operates. Personal details, NS experience, and contact information may also be posted in an office at the discretion of that official. Creation of an Office is optional unless noted in Responsibilities and Details.

Office of the Monarch

Office of the Prime Minister

Military Office

Recruitment Office

Advisory Office

Office of the World Assembly Delegate

Office of the Vice Delegate

Journalism Office

Office of the KBC

Office of the CKT

Dispatch Office

Office of Foreign Affairs

Diplomatic Office

Office of Domestic Affairs

Statistics Office

Design Studio

Cartography Office

Poll Office

Date format is in MMDDYY.

Prime Minister

World Assembly Delegate


Foreign Affairs

Domestic Affairs

Tourism Agency

Shansmen 090116 - 040116

Shansmen 040116 - 040916

Shansmen 051016 - 070216

North-West America 040116 - 040116

North-West America 040916 - 051016

MomoCarlile 070216 - 101916

Helaw 101916 - 033017

Tulov 040717 - 080618
*WA Delegate was separated from Prime Minister on 010817.
*President renamed to Prime Minister on 082516.

Shansmen 090116 - 040116

Shansmen 040116 - 040916

Shansmen 051016 - 070216

North-West America 040116 - 040116

North-West America 040916 - 051016

MomoCarlile 070216 - 101916

Helaw 101916 - 033017

Kad Loto Islands 033017 - 051717

Tulov 051717 - 013118

Auraxia 013118 - 071718

Arudis 071718 -

*WA Delegate was separated from Prime Minister on 011017.

Atlas Mountain 030516 - 031816

The Superior Helghan Empire 042616 - 053116

The Raccoon Republik 070116 - 101716

ZebraEz 101716 - 110716

*Vice President renamed to Chancellor on 082516.
*Chancellor abolished on 011017.

The Superior Helghan Empire 030516 - 042616

Bentonera 042616 - 053116

Logjamma DBaggageclang 070116 - 101716

Acarn 101716 - 112316

Acid Rap 112316 - 011017

Balan Bar 012917 - 081517

Sevillo 081517 - 11117

New Jaedonstan 11117 - 020118

Gibraltarica 020118 - 050118

Jalaron Advaria 050118 - 050718

Tulov 050718 - 051118

Encyclopedia Foundation 051118 - 080618

Thuya 050216 - 053116

The Superior Helghan Empire 070116 - 012917

Tulov 012917 - 040717

Arudis 040717 - 061417

Tieopia 061417 - 082817

Arudis 082817 - 11117

Fioramira 11117 - 020118

MomoCarlile 020118 - 033118

Kurczak Mielony 033118 - 080618

Machnod 031417 - 042717

Xerox Prime 042717 - 60217

Captain Albert Alexander Hamilton 060817 - 070217

Captain Albert Alexander Hamilton 081417 - 112717

*Tourism Agency abolished on 020218.

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1. Position: Primary administrator of the region.
2. Authority: Executive founder.
3. Tasks:
a. Acting in the best interests of the region as a whole, at personal discretion.
b. Holding veto authority over any legislation or amendment proposed by an elected official that is deemed inconsistent with the founding vision of the region.
c. Creating a public Office.
4. Reports to: None.

Prime Minister (PM)

1. Position: Senior-most elected official, administrative leader.
2. Authority: Appearance, border control, communications, embassies, polls.
3. Tasks:
a. Overseeing other elected officials and ensuring the smooth operation of the region.
b. Facilitating all elections. This includes gathering candidates, opening polls, and reporting results.
c. Removing officials that are excessively absent without leave and facilitating subsequent by-elections.
d. Appointing a Commanding Officer, a Chief Recruitment Officer, the Minister of Journalism, and appointing a Chief of Staff if desired.
e. Creating a public Office.
4. Reports to: Monarch.

Commanding Officer (CO)

1. Position: Head of the Conch Kingdom Marine Corps.
2. Authority: None
3. Tasks:
a. Directs CKMC operations and gives orders to all Marines.
b. Appoints an Executive Officer.
4. Reports to: PM.

Chief Recruitment Officer

1. Position: Official in charge of recruitment.
2. Authority: None.
3. Tasks:
a. Actively recruiting for the region.
b. Encouraging members to recruit for the region.
c. Managing the Recruitment Schedule.
4. Reports to: PM.

Chief of Staff

1. Position: Manager of the Cabinet.
2. Authority: Communications, Polls.
3. Tasks:
a. Attending the directions of the current PM.
4. Reports to: PM.

World Assembly Delegate

1. Position: Representative of the region before the WA.
2. Authority: Executive delegate.
3. Tasks:
a. Posting all at-vote WA resolutions in the WA subforum, with a recommended vote or abstention, and the underlying rationale.
b. Gathering as many endorsements as possible to strengthen the region's voice.
c. Appointing and dismissing Regional Officers at the direction of the PM.
d. Promoting WA membership among residents.
4. Reports to: Monarch.

Vice Delegate

1. Position: Stand in for the Delegate.
2. Authority: None.
3. Tasks:
a. Attending the directions of the WA Delegate.
b. Filling in for the WA Delegate in the Delegate's absence.
4. Reports to: WA Delegate.

Minister of Journalism (MoJ)

1. Position: Official in charge of the Department of Journalism.
2. Authority: Communications, polls.
3. Tasks:
a. Overseeing the Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation, Conch Kingdom Times, and regional Dispatches.
b. Appointing the KBC Chief Editor, the CKT Chief Editor, and a Dispatch Director.
d. Creating a public Office.
4. Reports to: PM.

KBC Chief Editor

1. Position: In charge of the Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).
2. Authority: None.
3. Tasks:
a. Appointing an editorial staff if necessary.
b. Writing original content for regional broadcasts.
c. Soliciting and collecting content submissions from residents.
d. Posting news articles on the NS Gameplay forum.
4. Reports to: MoJ.

CKT Chief Editor

1. Position: In charge of the Conch Kingdom Times (CKT).
2. Authority: None.
3. Tasks:
a. Appointing an editorial staff if necessary.
b. Soliciting and collecting content submissions from residents.
4. Reports to: MoJ.

Dispatch Director

1. Position: In charge of regional Dispatches.
2. Authority: None.
3. Tasks:
a. Appointing an editorial staff if necessary.
b. Writing original content and reporting regional happenings for regional dispatches.
c. Gathering notable content from the KBC and CKT for regional dispatches.
4. Reports to: MoJ.

Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)

1. Position: Official in charge of inter-regional and foreign affairs.
2. Authority: Communications, embassies.
3. Tasks:
a. Appointing a Lead Diplomat.
b. Making embassy requests to other regions and responding to foreign embassy requests.
c. Planning and promoting events within the interregional community.
d. Creating a public Office.
4. Reports to: PM.

Lead Diplomat (LD)

1. Position: DivO in charge of direct foreign relations.
2. Authority: None.
3. Tasks:
a. Appointing a diplomatic staff if necessary.
b. Posting news articles on embassy region forums.
c. Posting on embassy RMBs to maintain day-to-day relations.
4. Reports to: MoFA.

Minister of Domestic Affairs (MoDA)

1. Position: Official in charge of internal matters and communications.
2. Authority: Appearance, communications.
3. Tasks:
a. Composing and distributing region-wide announcements.
b. Appointing an Archivist, Graphic Designer, Cartographer, and Surveyor.
c. Knowing, understanding, and interpreting CK law.
d. Planning and promoting events within the region.
e. Creating a public Office.
4. Reports to: PM.


1. Position: Official in charge of regional records.
2. Authority: None.
3. Tasks:
a. Recording major events and adding a synopsis of each to the region's history.
b. Maintaining the Statistics Office.
4. Reports to: MoDA.

Graphic Designer

1. Position: Official in charge of regional graphics.
2. Authority: None.
3. Tasks:
a. Creating attractive, tasteful graphics in keeping with regional themes for use in official dispatches, broadcasts, and forum posts.
4. Reports to: MoDA.


1. Position: Official in charge of the regional map.
2. Authority: None.
3. Tasks:
a. Creating (if necessary) and maintaining the regional map.
b. Promoting the map among residents.
c. Receiving map claims from residents.
d. Creating a public Office, which includes a claim policy.
4. Reports to: MoDA.


1. Position: Official in charge of polls. (This position may be held by two residents simultaneously.)
2. Authority: Polls.
3. Tasks:
a. Thinking of original, interesting questions for the region, and posting them as polls on a regular basis.
4. Reports to: MoDA.

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1. Government Document

a) Authority
i. This document is the definitive authority on the organization and policy of the region.
ii. Other official documents describing laws and regulations for the region may exist, but none are to supersede this one.

b) Amendments
i. Amendments may be suggested by any resident.
ii. Amendments must be formally proposed by a Tier Director or Department Head, contained in a dispatch with a title, date, and credit to all contributors.
iii. At this point, it may proceed to a regional vote, to be facilitated by the office of the PM and held on the forum.
iv. An amendment to this document requires approval from a two-thirds majority of voters.
v. Amendments that improve the coherency, syntax, and formatting of this document are only required to be approved by the Prime Minister prior to being implemented.

2. Regulations for Residents

a) The following are prohibited for any resident at any time.
i. The repeated and unapologetic posting of spam, where spam is defined as meaningless content and/or many consecutive posts.
ii. The posting of gore, nudity, shock images, or highly R-rated text.
iii. WA multiing.
iv. A take over of the region with the intention of mass ejections, the desecration of the regional image, or the pursuit of a total grasp on power by a single resident or group of residents.

b) Consequences for the above are as follows.
i. Minor violations of a)i. will result in a public warning from a Tier Director or Department Head, and suppression of relevant spam.
ii. Repeated or major violations of a)i. will result in exile.
iii. All violations of a)ii. will result in summary exile.
iv. Unconfirmed violations of a)iii. will result in a private warning from a Tier Director or Department Head.
v. Confirmed violations of a)iii. will result in summary exile.

c) The following are the terms of exile from the region.
i. Residents sentenced to exile will be ejected and banned from the region by the Monarch, the PM, or the Delegate.
ii. The official carrying out the sentence will depend on availability, the nature of the violation, and the influence and rank of the violator.
iii. Bans will be overturned after two months, with the exception of residents in violation of a)ii.

d) Certain players and all of their puppet nations may be permanently banned from Conch Kingdom, and all its affiliated chats and forums, given that they are not residents, and are not currently serving an exile sentence. This ban shall require assent by the Prime Minister, Minister of Domestic Affairs, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, though any resident may petition for a bill of banishment.

3. Regulations for Officials

a) Official Policies
i. Any official, elected or appointed, may create policies that apply to their own position.
ii. These policies may be overturned by future officials in the same position.
iii. These policies may not conflict with regional rules and policies.

b) Official Positions
i. Any position listed above is to be filled at all times.
ii. Selection procedure is detailed below (see: 5. Elections).
iii. Any official may create a new position below their own, and delegate any of their own tasks to that position.
iv. These positions will not be listed above, and will expire with the replacement of the parent official.

c) Violations
i. "Disregard of position" is hereby defined as the failure of an official to fulfill a task assigned to the position within a reasonable amount of time.
ii. "Overstep of authority" is hereby defined as the modification of another position or regional law while bypassing constitutional requirements related to said action.

d) Consequences
i. Any resident may formally accuse any official of a violation listed in c) at any time.
ii. Should an elected official commit any violation listed in c), they will be barred from reelection for the next cycle upon the conclusion of their term.
-If the official is also in violation of a regional rule, the standard action will be taken.
iii. Should a non-elected official commit any violation listed in c), they will be removed from office and a replacement will be sought.
iv. The above penalties will be enforced by the official's Department Head or Tier Director.
v. Because the Delegate cannot be barred from reelection, in the event that they commit any violation listed in c), all authority will be removed from them by the Monarch.
vi. An elected official may be removed from office immediately, should the Delegate and PM agree upon such action being necessary. If the PM committed any violation in c), then this authority is held between the Delegate and the Monarch.

e) Administrative Leave
i. Any official may request leave for any length of time through a telegram request to their direct superior.
ii. If granted, a leave status excuses that official from all duties until the expiration of that leave, or the end of the official's term, whichever is sooner.
iii. Once an official is on leave, that official's superior is responsible for finding a replacement, or otherwise making sure the official's tasks are completed.
iv. A leave status cannot be used as evidence for an accusation of disregard of position.

f) Official actions
i. For any action taken in an official capacity, the official must be prepared to publicly explain their rationale.
ii. The above is to be strictly adhered to in the case of exile. If the PM or Delegate exiles a resident nation without legal cause, that official may be removed from power. In an extreme case, such as an unjustified mass ejection, the official will be exiled by the Monarch.
iii. Actions taken without a satisfactory public explanation are potentially subject to reversal.
-This determination, as well as the reversal, is made by the official's direct superior.
-The ranking official must request an explanation and allow at least one day for a response.
iv. Outside of the above, all officials have full discretion over the methods in which their tasks are accomplished.

4. Elections

a) Campaigns
i. All campaigns and official debates must take place on the forum.
-Elections shall be once every three months, and shall run for 14 days.
ii. Any number of positions may be contested by a single resident, and any number of residents may contest a single position. In the latter case, all such residents will receive a place on the ballot.
iii. Campaigns for multiple concurrent positions may be run by a single resident.
-Should that resident be the victor of both races, they will be required to choose one position. The other position will fall to the candidate with the second-most votes.
-No resident may hold two elected positions at once.
-The Delegate is an exception to this rule.
iv. If the sitting Delegate is elected or appointed to another position, or an official becomes the Delegate while in office, they are responsible for carrying out the duties of both positions, or finding a replacement for either.

b) Selection Process
i. Monarch: Permanent.
ii. PM: Elected by offsite forum vote.
iii. Commanding Officer; Appointed by the PM.
iv. Chief Recruitment Officer: Appointed by the PM
v. Chief of Staff: Appointed by the PM.
vi. Delegate: Elected by game mechanics on a running basis.
vii. Vice Delegate: Appointed by the Delegate.
viii. MoJ: Appointed by the PM.
ix. KBC Chief Editor: Appointed by the MoJ
x. CKT Chief Editor: Appointed by the MoJ
xi. Dispatch Director: Appointed by the MoJ
xii. MoFA: Elected by offsite forum vote in the first week of odd months.
xiii. LD: Appointed by the MoFA.
xiv. MoDA: Elected by offsite forum vote in the first week of odd months.
xv. Archivist: Appointed by the MoDA.
xvi. Cartographer: Appointed by the MoDA.
xvii. Graphic Designer: Appointed by the MoDA.
xviii. Surveyor(s): Appointed by the MoDA.
Note 1: All positions listed below a Division Officer (DivO), such as Embassy Staff or Editorial Staff, are selected by their respective DivO.
Note 2: If any position has fewer than two candidates on the first day of an election, the position shall be put to a vote of Yes, No, or Abstain that will run in conjunction with the elections.
Note 3: If no candidate should achieve a plurality of votes in an election, the candidates tied for the most votes shall enter a runoff, in which every resident shall be permitted to cast a vote for one of the tied candidates. This process shall continue until a candidate achieves plurality. He shall then be considered elected.

c) Term Limits and Early Departure
i. Elected terms may only last three months.
ii. Successive, back-to-back terms may be sought. There are no limits on the number of terms that may be sought.
iii. In the event that an official is unable to complete their term, due to resignation, regional rule violation, or nuclear strike from the MOD-01 Orbital Weapons Platform, a stand-in may be appointed by the PM, and will hold the position for the remainder of the term. If the official in question is the PM, a stand-in may be appointed by the Delegate.

5. Vote of No Confidence
a. Vote of No-Confidence
i. Any resident may call for a vote at any time
ii. The request must be made publically for all to see, including the official in question
iii. The request will then either be approved or disapproved separately by each department head
-3/5 of the departments must disapprove the request separately or it is approved
-A request may be disapproved for any reason listed in b)
-Officials must publicly say the reason they disapproved the request
-Any reason given not listed in b) may be appealed to the Prime Minister
iv. If approved, a 2/3 majority of residents voters is needed to pass a vote of no-confidence
v. The vote shall be held by poll open to residents only
b. Disapproval
i. A vote may be rejected if:
-The resident failed to give a reason for the vote
-The reasons given by the resident are false
-The official has been in office less than 2 weeks
-The official is currently on trial for the same reasons listed
-The request was not made publicly
c. Successful Votes
i. If the vote passes, all residents have a two week period to campaign for the position
-The official being replaced keeps his position throughout this period
ii. If no new candidates are found by the end of the period, the official keeps the position
iii. At the end of the period, an election will be held to replace the official on the offsite forum
d. Failed Votes
i. For the purposes of this section, a disapproved vote does not count as a failed vote
ii. If the vote fails, the official keeps their position
iii. A one month protection time is placed on the official, during which no votes of no-confidence may be called on that official
iv. If two votes fail on the same official during the same term, that official can no longer be targeted by a vote of no confidence for the duration of the term.

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This section contains our official embassy policy. Foreign ambassadors should read carefully before making an in-game embassy request.

1. Please make a request on Linkthis subforum. The request should include at least one good reason why the MoFA should accept. All regions collecting embassies will be categorically denied.

2. Embassies do not signify alliances, but good inter-regional relations. We are a neutral region, and an embassy with another region should not be taken as a sign of ideological or gameplay alignment with that region.

3. Nations in embassy regions have RMB posting ability.

4. Questions about embassies should be directed to the MoFA.

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Original version, created 022916 (Archive)

Comprehensive reform, passed 011017

First Amendment: Justice System, passed 032117

Dispatch transferred to Tulov, 081517. (Previous revision)

Second Amendment: Elevating the Chief Justice to a Regional Office and make the Courts a Tier, passed 082317

Third Amendment: Prohibiting Regional Coups, passed 090217

Fourth Amendment: Order of Merit, passed 102817

Comprehensive reform, passed 120417

Fifth Amendment: Inspector passed as part of comprehensive reform.

Sixth Amendment: Conch Kingdom Marine Corps, passed 012018

Seventh Amendment: Run-off Elections, passed 012518

Eighth Amendment: Vote of No-Confidence, passed 020618

Ninth Amendment: Abolishing the Courts, passed 021318

Tenth Amendment: Dissolving the DoTA and Inspector, passed 021818

Eleventh Amendment: Banishment, passed 022418

Twelfth Amendment: Order of Recruitment, passed 030218

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