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The North Pacific Executive Staff

The North Pacific Handbook

TL;DR: Join the Executive Staff Linkhere and help run the region!

What is the Executive Staff?

The Executive Staff is basically what it sounds like: they are the people who help the ministers of various departments with their work. Depending on which ministry they work for, they do all kinds of work, such as being an ambassador, planning regional events, mentoring new members, writing articles for The Northern Lights, or offering voting recommendations on WA resolutions.

You are not required to be a citizen to be a member of the executive staff. It is open to all TNP nations, though we highly recommend you become a citizen. You can be a member of as many ministries as you like. Ministers need as much help as they can get. You can submit an application at any time, and more than likely you will be accepted and will begin working.

What Ministries are there and what do people do in them?

There are a total of six ministries you can join. They are Communications, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Culture, World Assembly Affairs and Radio. You can see a full explanation of each one and the many jobs within each below:

Ministry of Home Affairs - Minister Huks Gares

The Ministry of Home Affairs is the ministry in charge of getting members involved in the forum, WA, Roleplay, the NPA, and Executive Staff. The main job of people in the ministry of Home Affairs is recruiting people so that they get involved in activities in TNP. Recruitment could be for Roleplay, NPA, or the forum. The MoHA also ensures that all members of the region have an enjoyable experience both on NationStates and on the forum. This ministry creates new ways for people to get involved in the forum and game and to help advertise the forum so that more people may join it. You will also need to make a considerable time commitment towards watching and participating in the game-side aspects of The North Pacific. Of course, this also means that you get to engage with the entire nation population of The North Pacific, which as you will discover is a very enjoyable experience.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Minister Praeceps

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is responsible for international relations between TNP and the other regions of the world. The ministry conducts business off-site through the Foreign Affairs forum and subforums, as well as Embassy Row. With the advice of the Security Council, the MoFA develops the region?s foreign policy. In addition to accepting, securing, and managing embassies both in the forum and off site, MoFA appoints all ambassadors and diplomats to service those embassies and act on TNP?s behalf abroad. As an ambassador, you will be a diplomat representing The North Pacific abroad. You will be expected to deliver any materials provided to you by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Delegate, and keep an eye out for anything in your assigned region that may be of interest to The North Pacific. Of course, you will need to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to a diplomat at all times. Being an Ambassador is a great way to get exposure to different regional cultures, meet new people, and make a name for yourself interregionally. As a result, the MoFA is always looking for volunteers to serve in the diplomatic corps.

Ministry of Communications - Minister PotatoFarmers

The Ministry of Communications is responsible for publishing The Northern Light, the official newspaper of TNP. Its members keep the residents and citizens of TNP informed with the latest government and election news, as well as the key events going on in the other regions of the world. It also allows influential thinkers and gameplayers to share their wisdom with the region and the rest of the NS community by highlighting their advice in an easily digestible and public way through TNL. Your articles should be factual in nature, and include relevant and interesting analysis. You can expect that your articles will be edited by senior Editorial Staff. This is done because your articles will be representing the views of the Government of The North Pacific, and also as a learning experience for newer writers.

Ministry of Culture - Minister Madjack

The Ministry of Culture is in charge of keeping members of The North Pacific in high spirits and making sure that they have things to do. The ministry works with RP mods to maintain TNP national role-play on the forum and organizes events for both in TNP and outside of TNP. These events keep members occupied and gives them something to look forward to doing. These events may involve other NationStates regions and working together with TNP to create an enjoyable event that many regions can enjoy.

Ministry of WA Affairs - Minister Westinor

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs is responsible for engaging the region in WA matters through on-site communication as well as WA-related discussions. The ministry conducts business off-site through the WA affairs forum and its three subforums. The Ministry opens the voting threads for residents to cast their votes on WA proposals and also drafts Information for Voters (IFVs) telegrams that are distributed to the region. The ministry is also involved in the World Assembly Legislative League (WALL), an alliance of regions with which TNP is affiliated concerned with expanding the education of WA authors and voters and collaborative voting on key WA resolutions that involve a shared national interest. Furthermore The Ministry has a World Assembly 101 course available - covering both the General Assembly and the Security Council - to improve the knowledge base of residents within TNP. (Note: Ministry membership is not required to take the WA 101 coursework.) The ministry will aim to make the TNP forums a location where authors come to draft their resolutions, and in order to encourage such efforts, ministry members are encouraged to offer constructive criticism and other feedback on these drafts.

Ministry of Cards - Minister Destructive Government Endorsing System

The Ministry of Cards is responsible for promoting trading cards within TNP, and helping traders in the region with their collections. Most of the ministry's activities take place through the Cards Guild, so please take a look there for additional information.

Ministry of Radio - Minister The Cascadian Bioregion

NBS is the official YouTube channel of The North Pacific, and is designed as a podcast to spread information both within the region and around the world. NBS hosts news shows, feature series, bulletins, and newcomer tutorials. As a staff member of NBS, you will help write podcast scripts, help schedule podcasts and interviews, and broadcast your voice over the air. You will be expected to help produce at least one video per month. This is an opportunity for you to broadcast your voice on the airways!

How do I join?

Glad to see that you decided to join! Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Meet the requirements. There are only two and very simple requirements. First, you need to have a nation in The North Pacific. Second, you need to have an account registered in this forum. And that's all.

Step 2: Make sure to read the second part of this post. There, you will find detailed descriptions of the various jobs available within each Ministry. By consulting those, you can decide which Ministry interests you the most.

Step 3: Fill out an application and post it in Linkthis thread.

How do I show off that I am in the Executive Staff?

Excellent question! All members of the Executive Staff get to display cool banners in their signatures, depending on which Ministry or Ministries they are a member of. If you are a member of multiple Ministries, you are strongly encouraged to use the small versions of the banners. These banners can be found Linkhere.

Are there other ways to get involved in the Government?

We strongly encourage you to apply for citizenship. This allows you to vote in elections and stand for office. It also allows you to legislate, by taking part in the Regional Assembly. In addition to legislating, this also allows you to vote in elections and stand for office. You can look Linkhere for more details.

If you are interested in learning about the exciting aspect of the game that is military gameplay, you can join the North Pacific Army. By becoming a member, you can help protect the region and our interests abroad. You can learn more about it Linkhere.

I still have questions!

If you would like more information, feel free to contact any of the ministers (links to forum accounts in parentheses):

Minister of Home Affairs: Huks Gares (forum: LinkOwenstacey).
Minister of Culture: Madjack (forum: LinkSt George).
Minister of Communications: PotatoFarmers (forum: LinkFregerson).
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Praeceps (forum: LinkPraetor).
Minister of WA Affairs: Westinor (forum: LinkWestinor).
Minister of Cards: Destructive Government Endorsing System (forum: LinkDGES).
Minister of Radio: The Cascadian Bioregion (forum: LinkCascadian Bioregion).
You can also contact Delegate McMasterdonia (forum: Linkmcmasterdonia).
If you are interested in joining the Ministry of Defense and being a soldier of the NPA, click here.

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