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Reasons To Join Lily


"Peace through unity, unity through conquest"

[box]The complicated world of R/D (raiding and defending) requires a lot of dedication and experience to be fully grasped. Luckily, Lily has some of the most experienced, dependable military figures available, with hundreds of successfully executed missions. Lily membership will grant you many benefits. Whether you are an individual or negotiate on behalf of your region, Lily will provide you with mentorship and space for growth.

As an individual:
Join our war efforts, help spread our message and your name with it. You get to participate in the world of R/D, from the best possible position. Lily is an independent military and as such is able to provide you with the widest perspective of current events in NationStates. Experienced mentors will make sure you get the best training that is available. Our unrivaled activity on the battlefield means that we will quickly recognize your talents, promote their growth and allow you to lead your own operations. Put your name down in the history of NationStates. The future is right here before you, make the first step!

As a region:
Shine the name of your region across all of NationStates. With the military might that is Lily, this isn't a dream but an easily achievable reality. Make your region stand out and attract new members. The majority of small regions do not have an active military service, and are unable to enforce their interests. Be different. Think forwards. Lily allows you to reach out to a much bigger audience and grants your region military prestige. Your members will be given access to first class training and your community will be tied together more closely than ever through common military service. Every region will be allowed to put forward a representative to the Delegate Assembly, where they can argue their regions standing points on treaties, World Assembly resolutions and interregional politics and discuss the goals of your region, as well as the collective goals of our interregional alliance. The Delegate Assembly will also be informed of the progress of our joint military conquests and defensive/offensive operations. It is in our interests to help your region grow. Together with military activity based promotion, we offer help with recruitment techniques and strategies. Member regions will also receive an optional space on our forum, which they can organise however they want, to suit their regions needs, or interact with the whole alliance on the general forum boards and our Lily Discord. Let us help lead your region to fame and recognition. Change the world and reserve a place for yourself in the future! Join now!

Contact information:
Whether you want to join as an individual or negotiate on behalf of your region, we are always open to inquiries. If you have any questions regarding our operation or are interested in joining, send a telegram to Sweeze or Frenchy II.

You are welcome to look around and discuss in our regional discord Linkhere.