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Government [NA]

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This page contains a comprehensive layout of the Kingdom's government. For an out-of-character version, go here. Please direct any questions to The Great Lion.


Long ago, there was a broad disc, spinning through the void. Then the great lion Aslan spoke, and the world of Narnia was given form. Shortly thereafter, the world found itself inhabited by a great variety of majestic flora, talking beasts, and human beings. In time the country of Archenland was settled, then Calormen, and Telmar. The witch Jadis, once banished to the North, returns, bringing with her a deadly chill that turns the world to ice. Finally, the human Pevensie children step through a wardrobe into this enchanted realm, and our story begins.

Today, Narnia is a kingdom divided. The noble Pevensie monarchs, the evil White Witch, the Calormenes, and the marauding Telmarines vie for power, all under the watch of the mighty Aslan. Any one of these could seize the throne, but with each side raising armies against the other, and subverting their very words and kinsfolk against them, the true challenge is to keep it.


True Narnians: Led by the Pevensie kings and queens, these folk are noble, proud, and dedicated to their homeland. They are suspicious of outsiders who desire control over their country.

Subjects of the Witch: Led by the White Witch, Jadis, these creatures include wolves, fauns, and other beasts of the forest, but not humans. They thrive in freezing cold climates, and despise anything that comes from Earth.

Telmarines: Led by the Caspian dynasty, the Telmarines are seafarers by nature, and technologically advanced. Not content with staying in one place, they are frequently found far from their homes, attempting to discover and conquer new lands.

Calormenes: Led by the Tisroc, this nation is one of the oldest in the world of Narnia. They command a mighty empire, and wish to expand west, as far as Cair Paravel. They are not followers of Aslan like the True Narnians.


Every nation, upon joining a faction, is pledged to its ruler, who may be a witch, a king, or another mighty being. Rulers must appoint their successors from among their people before departing this world for the next. While in power, they hold full authority in Narnia, under the Steward's watch, and their order shall reign supreme until another faction gathers the strength to depose it.

The divine right to rule Narnia has been contested since the very beginning. From time to time, this dispute erupts into armed conflict between factions. The victor in these battles wins control of the region, with the Steward acting as executor.

Between periods of war, nations of each faction can attempt to bring others to their own side, or pretend to be a member of an enemy faction in order to collect intelligence. The records from each faction are kept secret, known only by the Steward and Aslan himself, thereby permitting such acts of subversion. Factions can also hold truces and cease-fires, during which time they would not be matched against each other, only the others.

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Though the Throne itself may pass with regularity between warriors, opportunists, beasts, and those of noble blood, a select few ancient beings maintain the most important functions of the Kingdom. They are destined, not crowned, and honor awaits them in Aslan's Country after the Last Battle.

The Rebirth of The Great Lion, Aslan, Creator of Narnia

Aslan is the immortal and irreplaceable Creator of Narnia. When great evil stirs, he returns to restore balance to the Kingdom. However, he has other countries to attend to, and should the people of Narnia allow evil to take hold, it may remain for a time before calling his attention.

Digory kirke, Steward and Delegate (temporary)

Unlike the others, the Steward is chosen by the people, who grant their endorsements to the most worthy candidate. This position has several important roles, chief among them being the mediator to transfers of power. The Steward is also responsible for the Kingdom's relationships with foreign lands, and for representing it before the World Assembly.

Digory kirke, the Professor

Professor Kirke is one of the original Friends of Narnia, and was present when the region was created. He is the direct or indirect cause of many key events in Narnian history, and as the owner of the Wardrobe, he is responsible for bringing outsiders into Narnia.

[vacant], [Name], Gate-Keeper

When newcomers enter Narnia, through the Wardrobe, the Wood Between the Worlds, or another passageway, the Gate-Keeper awaits them. The Gate-Keeper is a powerful being who is always present for first arrivals and last departures, no matter when and where. They illuminate the way to those who may be lost, and turn away those who bring only trouble. Those residents who feel a calling toward this position should send word to the Steward, who shall attempt to discern their trustworthiness.

[vacant], [Name], Map-Maker

In the ever-changing land of Narnia, all would be lost without the labors of the Map-Maker. This position is held by one with great vision, capable of seeing everything from Lantern Waste to World's End. When a newcomer stakes their claim somewhere in the country, the Map-Maker knows about it, and documents the location in a public space. Those residents who feel a calling toward this position should send word to the Steward, who shall proceed with an evaluation of their gifts.

[vacant], [Name], Record-Taker

The Record-Taker, as the name suggests, catalogs the comings and goings of the Kingdom, and takes a regular Census of its population. Narnia's history, too, shall be written in a fair and enduring fashion. This allows outsiders to take note of the country's happenings without the need to travel between worlds.

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This application will determine your allegiance to one of the many competing factions within the Kingdom. It is a test of your character, a measure of your honor and wit. The Steward of the Realm shall know at once where your loyalties lie, and will provide guidance accordingly. LinkEnter here, and do not attempt to deceive your own heart.

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Visitors from foreign realms may establish contact with the Narnian people through embassies in Cair Paravel. Before this honor can be granted, the following information must be delivered to the Steward.

1. Name and title
2. Region making the request
3. Reason for the request
4. Level of interest in developing a close, personal relationship with the people of Narnia
5. Affiliation with any major Narnian power, past or present (example: provided support to Queen Jadis during the Hundred Year Winter)

The Steward asks that a worthy, lasting reason be provided, and embassy collectors will be denied immediately. Affiliation (or lack thereof) will be considered, but not used as grounds for rejection.

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