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The Albith Convention

Done in Albith on the 2nd day of April in the year 2017

The nations of Anteria, assembled at the First Albith Conference, set forth the following clauses as international standard in response to the conflict known as the Spring War. The clauses presented herein are non-binding, and no signatory nation are under obligation to comply. Trust is given, however, that through good faith and the spirit of the principle this agreement is founded upon, signatory nations will act in association towards the universal aim of this Convention.

This Convention and accompanied clauses will be considered ‘in effect’ once five nations support and recognize this agreement through the signature of a delegate that is authorized to act on behalf of their respective country. Once in effect, all nations who wish to become signatories may do so at any time. All signatory nations are reserved the right to retract their signatures.

I. In the event that a nation threatens, plans, or knowingly conspires to utilize nuclear ordnance against any other nation in an offensive manner, all other nations that are Nuclear Capable are called upon to prepare to utilize their own nuclear ordnance against the offending nation in an effort to deter further escalation and/or atomic war.

II. In the event that a nuclear attack by an offending nation is underway, all nations, nuclear capable or otherwise, are given just cause to intercept the delivery of nuclear ordnance. An intercept will not be considered an act of war, but a humanitarian engagement.

III. In the event a nuclear attack is successfully carried out by an offending nation, all nations that are nuclear capable are given just cause to utilize their nuclear ordnance against said offending nation.

IV. In the event that a nation has attempted a nuclear attack, or was successful in carrying out a nuclear attack in an offensive manner, an international tribunal consisting of other nuclear capable nations is to be included in any armistice agreement with the offending nation. This international tribunal will try all persons who authorized the attempt/attack, and judgement will be carried out accordingly within the confines of international law.

V. In the event that a nation has attempted a nuclear attack, or was successful in carrying out a nuclear attack in an offensive manner, a voluntary international commission consisting of other nuclear capable nations is to be established for the purpose of disarming the offending nation of their nuclear arsenal, and dismantling said nuclear ordinance so that they may never be utilized again. A stipulation will be included in all armistice agreements that requires the offending nation to relinquish their nuclear arsenal to the said international commission.

VI. During a international conference or summit, all nations who are participating are expected to act in good faith towards the aim of the conference or summit.

VII. All nations that are participants in an international conference or summit are expected to refrain from utilizing military engagement against other participating nations while the conference or summit is underway.

We, the signatories of this Convention, strive for peace in Anteria, and freely pledge our support to the principles this agreement upholds. Recognizing the stated clauses as international standard, we also affirm our right as Sovereign Powers to act in accordance with our own laws, our own convictions, and our own judgement. May we work in association with each other to lay down the foundation of peace as we lay down our own signatures in good faith for the betterment of the world.

Hofflandian union

The Grand Republic of Albithica