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Member Regions of the NSLeft


[spoiler=Text Version][box][b][region]THE COMMUNIST BLOC[/region][/b]

[b]Founded:[/b] 29 Dec 2013 • [b]Joined NSLeft:[/b] 2018
[b]Population:[/b] 907 • [b]WA Population:[/b] 352

[i][region]The Communist Bloc[/region][/i] has a long and complex history of war, politics, and debate. It is now a flourishing direct democracy with a unique directorial executive government, as well as being home to a proud pan-leftist community full of fun, involving regional politics, and serious debate.[/box]

[box][b][region]THE LEFTIST ASSEMBLY[/region][/b]

[b]Founded:[/b] 14 Jan 2016 • [b]Joined NSLeft:[/b] 2016
[b]Population:[/b] 534 • [b]WA Population:[/b] 300

[i][region]The Leftist Assembly[/region][/i] is a welcoming community for all leftists, with a rich history of bringing people together. It has a strong focus on gameplay and democratic governance, providing ample opportunities for roleplay, discussion, and debate in a fun and inclusive environment across multiple platforms.[/box]

[box][b][region]SOCIAL LIBERAL UNION[/region][/b]

[b]Founded:[/b] 2 Jan 2011 • [b]Joined NSLeft:[/b] 2020
[b]Population:[/b] 219 • [b]WA Population:[/b] 93

[i][region]Social Liberal Union[/region][/i] is an association of leftists dedicated to robust debate, economic equality, and democracy. Despite its name, the region’s Discord hosts a passionate community of anarchists, socialists, and communists, who have helped many moderates develop and sharpen their progressive and revolutionary beliefs.[/box]

[box][b][region]THE INTERNATIONALE[/region][/b]

[b]Founded:[/b] 18 Apr 2009 • [b]Joined NSLeft:[/b] 2016
[b]Population:[/b] 572 • [b]WA Population:[/b] 203

[i][region]The Internationale[/region][/i] is a non-sectarian community for leftists of all tendencies, featuring a directly democratic, consensus-based government, staffed by an elected team of comrade volunteers. It has a long history of influence in the promotion of left unity and the anti-fascist struggle on NationStates.[/box]

[box][b][region]NORTH KOREA[/region][/b]

[b]Founded:[/b] 18 Jan 2012 • [b]Joined NSLeft:[/b] 2016
[b]Population:[/b] 39 • [b]WA Population:[/b] 10

[i][region]North Korea[/region][/i] is a serious political, militant and educational state socialist region, using democratic centralism through a supreme, binding and factionless democracy. It is run by revolutionaries for revolutionaries, led by real-life activists for socialism and peace. Its military is the Korean People’s Army.[/box]


[b]Founded:[/b] Feb 2003 • [b]Joined NSLeft:[/b] 2020
[b]Population:[/b] 129 • [b]WA Population:[/b] 18

[i][region]Anarchy[/region][/i] is one of the oldest and most successful founderless regions in continuous existence on NationStates. Governed exclusively by consensus - if at all! - the region is a bastion of libertarian socialist values and the do-it-yourself ethos underpinning the anarchist worldview.[/box]

[box][b][region]THE RED FLEET[/region][/b]

[b]Founded:[/b] 18 Nov 2010 • [b]Joined NSLeft:[/b] 2016

[i][region]The Red Fleet[/region][/i] is the premier leftist military force of NationStates, being the only raider region with an active commendation from the World Assembly. The Modern Fleet, established in 2013, is commanded by the Fleet Admiral and the Admiralty Board. It maintains the Socialist Space Library for training, a military Discord bot, and a browser extension for sailors.[/box]

Population data correct as of 3 June 2020. Made by [nation=short]Llorens[/nation].[/spoiler]