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Rule breakers will be shot! Then sent to Gulag!

Iwaku is a free place for nations to play and have fun on the regional message board however some rules are needed!
Our main rule is be nice to each other! Ozoi is always watching you! Some of these rules might be allowed to be broken if you are roleplaying but please make sure those around you know that you are in character and not at all serious!
This goes for the soap opera drama rule especially!

Thy shalt not troll:

Trolling is where you intentionally try to upset other nations on the RMB and start arguments! A debate is ok once in a while but if folks get upset it can lead to trouble! Any nations deliberately attempting to upset other nations will be shot on sight!


Thy shalt be happy or else!:

We've had a nation or two who has had trouble with depression in real life. Though you may feel sad and want to talk to people about it you should keep it in telegrams only or seek professional guidance. Noone in Iwaku is a licensed psychologist so you be best getting help elsewhere. I will suppress posts involving any nations talking about "killing themselves" and or being a pessimist to gain attention. It might seem harsh but publicly displaying this depressing behavior lowers the morale of everyone around. Iwaku is sposto be a happy place for people to come play and have fun! If a nation continues to talk about suicide or telling others to commit suicide on the RMB they will be shot! (Help a brotha out right?)


Thy shalt not spread drama:

I've been seeing a lot of soap opera like drama lately. Please keep all real life problems with in telegrams only! Other nations don't want to be disturbed by two folks arguing about someone cheating or who's baby is who's! If an argument happens between two folks on the RMB about some disagreement between each other both will be asked to stappit! I won't pick a side! If the argument persists after the warning both will be shot!


Thy shalt not spam too much:

This one is a tricky one! We have a lot of free speech so most of of the posts on Iwaku are considered to be spammy in the eyes of most regions on NS. Randomness is perfectly legal but certain things will be suppressed. Like posting the same post over and over again and really long one word posts that stretch the screen. This is one rule you are least likely to get shot for unless you really abuse it a lot.


Thy shalt not sin:

One day I walked in to find two nations practically having cyber sex on the RMB. This is a big nono! You can cyber all you want in private but not in public! Hugging and snuggles is ok but when you get as far as to mention certain body parts and the dreadful places they go you will be suppressed and or shot! Keep it PG 13. Excessive nudity violates this as well. Kids play on this site you know! Think of the children!

Also telegrams are not a place for sexual content either as that still violates NS rules. If you wish to engage in sex related RP it must be done off site!


Thy shalt not talk shyte:

The occasional swear word in the right place is perfectly fine (as long as it does not break NS official rules). Excessive swearing will be suppressed and those using it to insult others might end up shot.


Thy shalt not be a bigot:

This has been a problem too recently. While Nazi and fascist nations are allowed in Iwaku we prefer you keep your opinions to yourself. Same goes for Communist nations and any other nations. Everyone has their right to a certain ideology so no insulting someone because they think differently. There is no wrong ideology only different opinions. Implemented August, 12'th 2020 "the Holocaust did not happen" is now installed in this rule. Statements like that will lead to a rise of anger out of an opposing side.. basically the same as flame baiting or trolling.


Thy shalt not insult ones religious views:

Debating and talking about religion is fine but insulting someone because they believe in a different god is not ok. I myself know what it is like to grow up religious minority and have the majority constantly tell me why beliefs where wrong. I've seen a lot of hate towards Islam and Muslims on NS lately and would prefer that hate stay out of our region. Insulting or pushing your religious views on someone will get you a warning and or shot!


Thy shalt not be a hate monger:

Everyone of all races and sexuality are allowed here! Though the occasional racist or homophobic joke can be funny at times it is best to keep those to yourself. Gay bashing and racism will not be tolerated and will result in getting suppressed and shot!


Thy shalt not agitate members in other regions with embassy posting feature!

It makes Iwaku Cluster seem like a bad place when nations hide here and bash other regions through embassy posting! This also goes for spamming or breaking rules within embassy region itself. If folks of that region tell you to stop especially leaders of said region you should abide by their rules. It is their home after all. We are simple guests posting through embassies.


Thy shalt be nice to folks speaking foreign languages!

Some get frustrated when someone speaks a language they don't understand... But one should not act hostile to them. It could be a random person just trying to make friends and see what the rest of the world is like! Insulting them telling them to go somewhere else makes English speakers look like bigots! If you don't have access to a translator simple ignore the posts you don't understand or say nicely that you can't understand. Foreign languages are allowed in Iwaku Seeing as many of us like anime and post videos in Japanese all the time. This rule had to be added when a random troll decided to use another language to insult other nations and at the same time Iwaku nations reacted somewhat harsh (It turned out to be a troll but still it could have been a friendly person for all we know!). Talking in many languages is acceptable but using it to insult others gets you shot!


Thy shalt not use Mods as weapons!:

Please never falsely claim you have "called the mods" on someone or even worse falsely report someone as a joke. This also goes for reporting folks for silly things. Make sure to report anything you might think is bad to Regional officers Delegate or Founder unless it's quite obviously against NS site rules Everyone gets offended by one thing or another but the site mods can't control everything they are to busy! That is why we have Regional officers and stuff.


Thy shalt have red circles on thy cheeks:

Everyone must be super kawaii and have red circles on their cheeks! All ugly nations will be sent to cutecentration camps for reconditioning! (This last rule is a joke by the way)