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XKI Monthly Update

[size=200][b]10000 Islands Monthly Emissary Update[/b][/size][/center]
[b]Date:[/b] March 2016
[b]Population:[/b] 1,645
[b]Delegate Endorsements:[/b] 572
[b]Forum:[/b] [url=http://10000islands.proboards.com]10000islands.proboards.com[/url]

[b]This is the Emissary Report for March 2016:[/b]



- [nation=short]Grub[/nation]: Founder and Chief Executive
- [nation=short]Paffnia[/nation]: Delegate
-- [nation=short]louisistan[/nation]: Delegate-Elect
- [nation=short]The_Candy_Lane[/nation]: Minister of Immigration
- [nation=short]Markanite[/nation]: Minister of Education
- [nation=short]Cerberion[/nation]: Minister of Labor
- [nation=short]Controlitia[/nation]: Senior Senator for Blue Canaria North
- [nation=short]dominion_of_compassion[/nation]: Senator for New Republica South
- [nation=short]barrarabia[/nation]: Senator for Himes West
- [nation=short]ardreas[/nation]: Senator for Lyonnesse East

[b][i]Politics News[/i][/b]

- Jintopia and [nation=short]Witchcraft_and_Sorcery[/nation] declined to run for reelection. Thank you for your service as Senators!

- [nation=short]Louisistan[/nation] (52 votes) ran unopposed for the Delagacy and won 52-2 ([url=http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31906/who-delegate-3-16]http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31906/who-delegate-3-16[/url]).

- [nation=short]Ardreas[/nation] (41 votes) ran unopposed for the office of Lyonnesse East and won 41-7 ([url=http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31905/who-senator-lyonesse-east-16]http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31905/who-senator-lyonesse-east-16[/url]).

- [nation=short]Barrarabia[/nation] (47 votes) ran unopposed for the office of Himes West and won 47-3 ([url=http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31904/who-senator-himes-west-16]http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31904/who-senator-himes-west-16[/url]).

* Q: What’s the difference between a magician and a politician?
A: The magician returns your watch at the end of the performance. *



- [nation=short]Grub[/nation]: Founder and Commander-in-Chief
- [nation=short]Klopstock[/nation]: Field Commander
- [nation=short]kanta_Hame[/nation]: Tactical Officer
- [nation=short]Controlitia[/nation]: Tactical Officer
- [nation=short]Witchcraft_and_Sorcery[/nation]: Tactical Officer
- [nation=short]Woonsocket[/nation]: Tactical Officer EF
- [nation=short]barrarabia[/nation]: Executive Officer

[b][i]TITO News[/i][/b]

- [nation=short]Louisistan[/nation] retired as Executive Officer to run for the delegacy.

- [nation=short]Magthere[/nation] earned his 250[sup][u]th[/u][/sup] Battle Star and was named TITO Knight Marshall Commander.

- [nation=short]united_counties_of_Escanaba[/nation] earned his 350[sup][u]th[/u][/sup] Battle Star and was named TITO Knight Armada Commander.

- [nation=short]Grub[/nation] earned his 650[sup][u]th[/u][/sup] Battle Star and was named Grand Knight Fleet Commander.

* A Sergeant was addressing a squad of 25 and said: "I have a nice easy job for the laziest man here. Put up your hand if you are the laziest." 24 men raised their hands, and the sergeant asked the other man "why didn't you raise your hand?" The man replied: "Too much trouble raising the hand, Sarge." *



[b][i]University Classes Offered[/i][/b]

- Conversational German
[i](1 course offered)[/i]

* Just before the final exam in my college finance class, a less-than-stellar student approached me.
"Can you tell me what grade I would need to get on the exam to pass the course?" he asked.
I gave him the bad news: "The exam is worth 100 points. You would need 113 points to earn a D."
"OK," he said. "And how many points would I need to get a C?" *

[center][size=150][b]Around the Islands[/b][/size]


- The Featured Nation Program has been restarted, with [nation=short]Icifica[/nation] and [nation=short]Val-Harbor[/nation] being featured already.
([url=http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31794/featured-nation-icifica]http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31794/featured-nation-icifica[/url] and [url=http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31898/featured-nation-val-harbor]http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/31898/featured-nation-val-harbor[/url]).

[i]Compiled by [nation=short]controlitia[/nation][/i]

The Protectorate of Paffnia