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Europeian World Assembly Advancement Program

What is this?
The World Assembly Advancement Program (WAAP) is coordinated by the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs and our World Assembly Delegate, Primorye Oblast. Its objective is to build up Europeia's influence within the World Assembly and the broader NationStates world, by increasing the number of nations that engage in various aspects of the World Assembly.

How can I participate?

1. If you haven't already, join the World Assembly. After becoming a member (or if you already are a member)...
2. Make sure to consistently vote in the World Assembly.
3. Start to actively exchange endorsements.
4. If you want to get more involved within Europeia and the World Assembly, consider joining the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN).

If you'd like to get more involved, you may want to take some of the following steps:

5. Approve (or "upvote") this dispatch.
6. Contact other nations within Europeia by telegram and encourage them to join the World Assembly, vote on resolutions, and exchange endorsements.

Why should I participate?
There's lots of reasons to join in this program. As was mentioned above, greater participation by all players within Europeia will make us stronger and more influential among other regions with NationStates. This is good for all us here in Europeia - including you!

Additionally, joining the World Assembly, voting on resolutions, exchanging endorsements, or joining the Europeian Republican Navy are all great ways to enrich and improve your overall NationStates experience. Click on the links for more information about what makes these activities so amazing.

Last but not least, we are giving out a bunch of shiny awards that you can show off in one of your nation's dispatches - or in your signature on the Europeian forum.

How do I know how we're doing?
You can keep an eye on your own endorsements - and also those of the World Assembly Delegate - for starters, but we also have some graphs for you to follow in this dispatch.

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