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How to Apply for Citizenship in Europeia

Have you ever wondered what everyone means when Europeians say, "On the forum," or when they discuss something that has happened that you've never seen happen on the RMB, or anywhere game side? The answer to this is quite simple, they probably hold citizenship on our regional forum! Wait, but what about you? How can you get citizenship on the forums of Europeia? The process is relatively simple, as you will see below.

Step One: Click the "Forum" URL on Europeia's World Factbook Entry, which will take you to the forum of Europeia.

Step Two: Click the "Register" button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step Three: Fill out the necessary information and click "Register".

Step Four: Validate your email by logging on to the email account you supplied. This email will either be in your main folder, or in your spam folder. Once you see this email, click it, and click the link it supplies to officially validate your account!

Step Five: Click the subforum titled "Office of Citizenship". This will take you to where you will post your application!

Step Six:[b] Click the thread titled "Apply for Europeian Citizenship!" and copy the application.

[B]Step Seven: Back out of that thread, and click the "Post Thread" button.

Step Eight: Paste the application you copied in step six, and fill it out.

Step Nine: Add a title to your application (ie: *Nation Name* Citizenship App). Click the "Post Thread" button to post your application!

And there you have it! After you post your application, an administrator will come by and upgrade your masking to a non-voting member, in which you can do basically everything a citizen can, but you will have some limitations. Your application will take 3-5 days to process until you get the actual citizenship masking.

While you're waiting for citizenship, feel free to introduce yourself Linkhere!