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The Public Eye

Vulkaniya Central News

Since the restoration of the House Oblisse to the Throne, many Vulkaniyans have expressed their approval of the change. Society goes on much the same as it did under the interim government, though with markedly less government restriction on the lives of private citizens. And while the young monarch Vyserion IV has enjoyed approval ratings well over eighty percent, he has of late been seen in public only rarely, with the Crown Prince Aeryn performing many state functions in his twin's stead.

Rumour has naturally seized upon this absence, with theories ranging fro insanity to a deathly plague. However, just this morning the Crown Prince himself assured the media that HRM the High King is indeed well, though no explanation for the ruler's reclusiveness was offered. Whatever the case may be, we at Vulkaniya Central News wish His Royal Majesty the High King well and look forward to his return to public life.