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Why and How to Join the World Assembly

Why should I join the World Assembly (WA)?
Short answer? Power. *cackles gleefully*

Longer answer? Individual players are only able to have one WA nation each - and, for this reason, WA nations accumulate regional influence more quickly than non-WA nations. Also, the more WA nations our region has, the more Regional Power we'll accumulate within the whole of NationStates.

Can you give me more details?

Below are some of the things you can do as a WA nation.

1. Vote in the World Assembly!
As a WA nation, you will be able to cast a vote on all WA resolutions that reach the floor of either the General Assembly or the Security Council. You can find more details here.
2. Endorse and be endorsed by others!
As a WA nation, you can endorse other WA nations that are in the same region as you are. For example, you can endorse our Delegate Short@@DELEGATE_NATION[/nation], and almost surely they will also endorse you back. You can find more details here.
3. Submit your own resolution proposals!
As a WA nation, you can submit your own resolution proposals for consideration by all of NationStates.
4. Participate in military gameplay!
As a WA nation, you can join our regional Navy and experience one of the most exciting aspects of NationStates. You can find more details here.

Okay, so how can I join the World Assembly?
On the World Assembly page, there's a button up top that says: Apply to Join. Provided you have an email address on your settings page, clicking on that button will get your WA application started. NationStates will send you an email about it within a few minutes from your application.

Why didn't I get the WA email?
If the email doesn't appear in your email inbox, make sure to check the spam box too. (And if it is in the spam box, marking the email as "not spam" should hopefully help to prevent future emails from being diverted to your spam box.)

Can I have more than one nations that are WA members?
No, never do that! NationStates rules permit only one World Assembly nation per player. Having more than one can result in the deletion of your nations, or even your permanent ban from the World Assembly and the game itself. Do not try to hide it either, as the NationStates moderators will most likely discover it anyway.

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