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Quick Takes

[hr][floatright][box][img]https://www.pacifier.com/~cziller/images/SimErikaSilaco4.jpg[/img][hr][b][i][center]Secretary-General Erika Silaco[/center][/i][/b][/box][/floatright][align=justify][b]Future Tech:[/b]
[b]T[/b]he Republic of Sunset has space ships, power armor, cybernetics, non-human sentients, artificial intelligence, universal basic resources, energy weapons, more space ships, arcologies, faster-than-light travel, terraforming, cloning, and robot cats. 

[b]The Briefs:[/b]
[b]P[/b]ut straightforward, the Republic is a thin veneer of an enlightened capitalist society behind which lurks the reality of a post-Singularity civilization. The average person a visitor might meet on the street is generous and welcoming, inquisitive and curious, and genuinely interested in getting to know them better. They see their civilization as one of the few oasis in the midst of a galaxy full of chaos; A Shining City on the Hill. Life is conducted as leisurely or as quickly as an individual might want with many seeing immortality as an opportunity to take things slow while others want to do as much as they possibly can, enabled by the absence of true risk. What tends to stand out is an attitude of certainty; it is not a question of '[i]if[/i]' a thing can be done but '[i]when[/i]'. 

[b]Representative Federal Republic:[/b]
[b]T[/b]he Federal Government consists of a popularly-elected Senate that then selects a number of Secretaries who are responsible for the various areas of Government. These are the Secretary-General - who is responsible for both Diplomacy and Defense - and the Secretaries of Education, Industry, and Justice. These then have various under-secretaries and divisions under them. Behind all this is a complex bureaucracy but most of the intricacies  are handled by expert computer systems and thus actual flesh-and-blood civil servants are rare - as is the need to call on them.

[b]Renewable Capitalist:[/b]
[b]T[/b]he government encourages companies and individuals to practice renewable capitalism. This is capitalism with an emphasis on using scientific and sociological methods to promote overall progress - competition is good, oligarchy is bad. This extends to the government as well with branches and divisions actively competing to provide better services to their constituents.

[b]T[/b]he Republic counts among its allies and friends the Triumvirate of Yut (ToY), most of the Non-Democratic Alliance (NDA), the Martian Nations that are a party to the MIDAS treaty, those members that it recognizes of VERITAS, the signatories to the Hyades Accord, as well as a goodly number of nations it has come across in its travels. 

[b]A[/b]m I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?
[list][i]~Abraham Lincoln[/i]
[b]T[/b]he current date in the Republic of Sunset is 177.954.031; this service is provided as a local reference-frame only - this may vary with that of your local fractal reality.

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[b]C[/b]ooperative Role-Play! Exploration, Social, and Diplomatic especially! And cats.

[b]U[/b]ncooperative Role-Play! Military Especially and Generally! Number Wankers! And dogs*.

[b]T[/b]elegrams work, as does [url=https://discordapp.com/channels/279413591155802123/279413591155802123]Discord![/url]

*I do like dogs. Other people's dogs. As long as they stay 'other people's dogs'.[/align]