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Vote Omnicontrol for Voice of the Flock! - June 2023 - GOAT


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[i][size=90]"Give the people a role: vote Omnicontrol"[/size][/i]

Hello! I am Omnicontrol, a normal citizen of this region just like you, and an avid fan of legislation. If you head over to my other dispatches, you can find links to my two flagship proposals for the prosperity of this region: AFRICA, an act about recruitment, and ASIA, an act to establish an endorsement cap relative to the delegate's endorsement count.

This is exactly why I have decided to run for an office like Voice of the Flock: I want to set a proper base for this region's legislation.

During my term, I will attempt to get as many people as possible to draft and submit quality legislation; my objective is to end this term having given GOAT a proper legislation that can be used as example and starting point, as well as be useful, during the future.

This, of course, will include my two flagship bills of AFRICA and ASIA: and hopefully, some other bills from more authors.

[box][b][size=120]How To Legislate[/size][/b]
I want to make the process to submit a bill thorough but straight-forward: my goal is to ensure anyone who has drafted a good bill with certain quality is able to bring it to a vote without any issues.

As dictated by the constitution, one must post, via the RMB or the official GOAT Discord, their bill: it must be written somewhere else where it doesn't clutter, such as a dispatch, and be linked in your post. Please tag me, assuming my measures go into place with me as the Voice of the Flock, in your motion.
Another citizen must second the motion: and with this, the Voice of the Flock will put the motion to a vote. This vote will last between 3 and 7 days as mandated by the constitution: I intend to make most votes last between four to five days.

If I get the position of Voice of the Flock, I intend to set a base with useful legislation authored by diverse citizens of the region that can be used as reference, and make the process as straight-forward as possible.

So, with that said, give the people a role: vote Omnicontrol.

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