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Kursibar for PM - JULY 2023


[box][size=120][b][u][center]"Lies, Damned Lies, and Politics" [/center][/u][/b][/size]

Hello, everyone, it's the prodigal son back again: Kursibar! If you don't know me yet, I'm the sort of guy to sleep under cars farm tomatoes in abandoned buildings. I also fix planes. In this regard, I'm just like the Wright Brothers, even. 

Okay, got a good idea of what I am? Good! Let's get on with the politics.

Priority number one: Accountability. I'll start off by saying that our current government here in CK are a wonderful group of people. Let me be real with you, though. Things take forever around here. Sometimes, bills take a few weeks to go to vote, or executive decisions take forever to be...well, decided upon. The most recent amendment took something like three weeks to go through when the process could've taken five days (and it's not because there was such a productive discussion around it, either). That's not anything against our current cabinet as people, by the way, I'm just sick of watching things sit around without any action being taken.

So, in the event of my election,  accountability would be the first watchword of my term. 

Next up? Transparency. Accountability and knowing wha's going on in your government go hand in hand, really. I like people knowing what's going on in (I, myself, hate it when information is kept from me), and boy howdy are you going to [i]know[/i] what's going on. Weekly transparency reports, anyone? 

Accountability and Transparency, friends. Politically, I'm not a big believer in frills. While I talk like I swallowed a thesaurus, the things I'm saying here are just plain sense. Which is what you'll get from me as prime minister. Less inefficiency, no promises that can't be kept, just plain sensibility. 

Kursibar. For a Better Tomorrow.[/box]

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