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Information for World Assembly Voters: Commend Ghant

[center][size=150][b]Information for World Assembly Voters[/b][/size]
[i]Please find below another volume of the Information For World Assembly Voters program.[/i][/center][hr]
[box][center][size=125][b]Resolution At-Vote: [u][url=/page=sc/ga][color=Deepskyblue]Commend Ghant[/color][/url][/u]

[url=https://forums.europeians.com/index.php?threads/sc-ifv-commend-ghant.10063323/][color=goldenrod][u]Forum Voting Thread[/u][/color][/url][/b][/size]

[size=150][u][b]Our Vote recommendation:[/b][/u] [b][color=green]For[/color][/b][/center][/box]
[box][center][spoiler=[size=125]Ministry review[/size]]
[align=left][box]Resolution Overview:
This proposal seeks to commend Ghant for their contributions to NationStates roleplay. Citing many instances of Ghant's peace-making efforts both domestically and abroad, the resolution argues that "Ghant has been a clear force for good throughout its existence." The proposal also names Ghant's support of struggling nations, development of a rich national culture, and education of aspiring rolepayers as reasons for commendation.

Ministry Analysis:
The ministry finds that Ghant is very worthy of commendation and that this proposal puts together a strong argument to that end. The immense contributions throughout the in-game domain of NationStates explained in the proposal are certainly commendable, especially due to their international nature. Ghant's work clearly stands out and has helped many nations in the roleplay sphere. Therefore, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote FOR this proposal.

This IFV Recommendation was written by [nation=short]Pland Adanna[/nation]
[spoiler=[size=125]Help Needed in the Ministry of World Assembly![/size]][align=left][box]All of us in the Ministry of World Assembly are proud of the work we accomplish in the Ministry. If you are interested in joining the effort, if you are interested in getting more involved in the World Assembly, possibly as an author or one of our staff putting together information for voters like yourself, then join the Ministry! We want both people who are eager to learn and people who already know their way around the World Assembly and can help us do our job even better. Joining the Ministry of World Assembly is a great way to get more involved in Europeia.

If you're interested in getting involved, please contact the Minister of World Assembly Affairs, either by personal message on the forums (username: [b]PaleLand[/b]) or by telegram (nation: [b][nation=short]PaleLand[/nation][/b]).

We look forward to hearing from you soon![/align][/box][/spoiler]
[spoiler=[size=125]Other information[/size]][box][align=left]The Delegate casts the regional vote after consulting the results of the forum voting thread linked above. All citizens in Europeia can vote and discuss there, so make sure to do so!

As usual, [b]please consider endorsing Delegate [nation=short]Le Libertia[/nation][/b], if you have not already done so. The more endorsements, the more votes Europeia has, and the stronger our voice in the World Assembly is![/align][/box][/spoiler][/center][/box][hr]
[center]If you have questions about any of the above, please contact Minister of World Assembly Affairs [b][nation=short]PaleLand[/nation][/b].

[i]Dispatch created on behalf of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs.[/i][/center]
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