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N-Day 7.0 | Coalition Against Radioactive Destruction

Coalition Against Radioactive Destruction
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CARD Members and Rules

N-Day is an annual event in NationStates during which factions fight against each other in a simulated nuclear war. This year the five allies of the Modern Gameplay Compact have teamed up to form CARD (Coalition Against Radioactive Destruction).

CARD carries the legacy of the Crabs of the Apocalypse, absolute winners and dominators of the 2021 edition with the record score of over a million points. That means we're full of experienced members and commanders from the five regions below, therefore the best faction for you to join!

Faction Members

In order to have the best experience in the nuclear battleground, CARD command asks you to follow these rules:

1) Follow the Commanders' Orders

The most important rule is to follow the orders posted in the Discord server and on the CARD WFE. Disobeying orders—including firing on factions not listed, allies, etc.—may result in your ejection. Orders will come from those with the Commander role on our Discord server. If you are unsure of what to do, or need clarification on a command, please don't hesitate to ask in the Discord server or on the CARD RMB.

2) Join the CARD N-Day Discord server

Most of our coordinating will be conducted via Discord. Orders will be disseminated to the CARD RMB and the RMBs of our faction members, but it's best to get your orders from the source.

3) Read the rest of this guide

This guide outlines some of the basic information about our faction and our strategy. It contains many links that will be useful throughout N-Day.

4) Have fun!

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Survival Guide

How to Prepare

Action Stations

Specialist Directions

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Faction Graphics

All graphics have been made by Fujai and are available for any faction member to use!

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