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The Funnyman Rehab Center

The Funnyman Rehab Center

Hello There, are you, or a loved one, experiencing any of the following traits?

Then it’s possibly that they are a anime girl, I know this may come tragic to you, but don’t worry! There is a solution!

After hard study from the Funnyman Science Team, We here have developed a system that will help them Rehabilitate from this state, we have developed;

The Anime Girl Rehab Program

With this 30 Day Program, we will go through a simple step procedure to help Cure them from the difficult

We will go through a multi-stage process, that once they are all completed, the Anime Girl will be Rehabilitated

The will be excepted to preform community service acts, such as

So please, contact us today! Make the call before it’s too late, before we can make a difference, because remember

We Can Make A Difference



1789 Scream Street, Orcuo District 2