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Monarchy of Pancanawe

Empress of Pancanawe

Imperial Seal of the Empress, and the Empire itself


Madreline I
Since May 28 1022


Style: Her Imperial Highess (HIH)

Heir Presumptive: Prince George (Georgio Manria)

First Monarch: Empress Madreline Plateminer

Residence: Palace of Madreline, Madrelium, Pancanawe Empire

Appointer: Hereditary

Monarchy of Pancanawe

The Monarchy of Pancanawe is a title given, towards the Madrelina Descending Dynastic leaders, they serve as the guidance to the People, on their life to life basis, while the Monarch is holding absolute control over it. The Monarchy itself originated after the May Unification of Pancanawe, which further strengthen the bond between the States, And now is the most enpowered leader upon society.


The History of the Monarchy can be traced back, prior to the May Unification of Pancanawe, the first Kingdom who ever declared themselves a Monarchy was the Pancanawe Kingdom, which is way different from the Empire. Their system is based on a Mix of Democracy, while retaining monarchy at the same time, eventually they would fall under the Revolution of the Pancanawe Civil War, and would later be replaced by the Pancanawe Union. The Union itself endured many strives in all the way, fighting countless wars, eventually their rise to power is what gave an opportunistic chance for Madreline Plateminer to rise to power. She alongside her Unionists Party, has plans for a one united Pancanawe, but under the Unionist System, or at least that's what they thought at first. But history, has a way to change a course of things, as they were in the midst of the War of Narnia, they were discussing about the possibilities of Unification or not. It turns out, after some heavy discussions, they dislike having Unionism as a Unification route, because the Monarchists Nations felt that movement was too radical, on the other hand the Socialists wants it to be an authoritarian regime, where the Leader can have the final say. However the ideas of Monarchism shunned through all of Pancanawe Union, and wishes for the days of the old monarchy to return back, however the first King descendants of Roma Nanta Tony, were all slain during the Civil War, thus they need a new one. On the following May 25th 1021, An atomic bomb was successfully launched towards the City of Narnisdale, thus in that same day, the Narnian Empire surrenders, and officially dissolved in the following day the atomic bomb was launched. The Pancanawean States, who decided its finally time to unite, finally discuss this one last time, later after 2 days it was upon agreed that the Pancanawe Empire, would be founded, with Madreline Plateminer crowned as Empress, while as Flare is appointed as Chancellor. With its Imperial Glory, thus the Empire is established. With the current Empress, being the one who founded the Empire.