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Hasharian Custom Elements & Material

Hashari Darussalam, has one of the most active and energetic scientific and research base by the Megacorporations who seek to dominate the market with new and exciting inventions and to defeat their bitter rivals who they are not so keen to keep in the top list.

However, for this document, we will discuss regarding Hasharian Custom Elements and Materials, either the one that is discovered and were naturally occurring, or the one that were researched and developed into existence, such as a few other materials and elements in this document.


Generally known as "Sarakium" EKT-089 is a metal with unique properties, such as extreme durability and flexibility, able to sustain extreme heat and kinetic force, this metal is discovered in abundance in the planet of Akirina V in the Akirina Star System, leading to the planet being strip-mined by Dendram Incorporated with the overseeing of the State.

The metal is commonly used in the Grand Akirinan Army as a reactive protective layer of standard AT-TCU walker and as a traditional armor in the Walker, replacing Tungsten with a more economical alternative. The metal is also extensively used in every Hasharian warship in the Grand Akirinan Navy to protect ships from kinetic, explosive and thermal damage.

The metal is also extensively utilized as an absorptive layer of protection in most Hasharian warships, able to absorbs most high energy weaponry and sensory array, proving electronic disruption systems useless against most Hasharian warships.


Generally known as "Luminarium" EKT-119 is a powder like substance and reacts in a similar way to gunpowder, however, the main difference between Luminarium and Gunpowder is that Luminarium produces much more energy, able to propel projectiles at much higher velocity than gunpowder.

The substance is extensively used in kinetic based weaponry, such as X-76 Rifles and the bottom mounted machinegun of the AT-TCU, with many other rifles being developed specifically to fit Luminarium propelled ammunition, especially Zumari Brigade Incorporated, who have been developing new weaponry for this specific substance.

The substance is also fitted onto the tip of a bullet to create a micro-explosion that in large quantity can overwhelm even the hardest and sturdiest armor and damage them beyond repair, nullifying the protective ability of a body armor and dealing incredible damage to organic materials.


Generally known as "Zumaritum" EKT-164 is a special kind of metal, brought into existence by combining a secret material with Sarakium, it is a highly reactive and unstable material, that when put in contact with other metal except Sarakium will proceed to emit sparks of fire and a highly toxic fume.

The properties of the metal is highly valuable and was given the rights upon the Zumari Brigade Incorporated to research and develop a technology that can weaponise and harness the properties of Zumaritum.

It is also noted that the Material is highly corrosive to other metal as well if it were to make direct contact with other metal at a very high speed, and even creating a hole in a Spasstrooper's body armor and coming through the other side of the body armor. And noting that Spasstrooper body armor are very thick at 5,2cm of protective layer of Durasteel.

The Material can be used as a sort of reactive incendiary bullet that when contacting another metal, in this case a hostile body armor, will sparks and burn, burning holes through the body armor and causing tissue damage if the sparks where to contact the skin, causing immense pain to the enemy combatants.

This is also proven valuable as large enough Zumaritum projectile can be used as an anti-tank projectile or anti-air projectile, and the metal could also be developed into a starship worthy projectile for the Grand Akirinan Navy, however, further research and development were to be conducted.


Generally known as "Corabsortium" EKT-182 is a special kind of metal, brought into existence through experimentation with Tungsten, is a highly light material with a unique set of property, that is its highly absorptive properties, able to absorb any high energy beam such as Laser and Plasma Beam. And the most valuable of the properties is its absorptive properties to high energy censory particle.

Able to absorp almost every and any censory particle, it will render radar on a warship useless and renders high energy censory disruption system completely useless, nullifying their effect upon censory arrays and removing the needs of thick absorptive Tungstoid protective layer entirely.

The Metring Drive Yards were given special permission on developing this material further in cooperation with the Suukubeta Corporation and Ishukone Corporation to develop a highly durable absorptive armor that can absorp any high energy censory array particle and high energy disruption array particles, and noting the highly absorptive properties being able to absorb even electromagnetic and thermal energy projectile such as Laser and Plasma, the armor could even withstand heavy fire from a ship that is highly dependent on Laser and Plasma weaponry, nullifying their effectiveness by 100%.


Generally known as "Feron" is a substance in the form of a liquid that is highly effective in containing the spread of fire or extinguishing fire and is planned to be used as a standard ammunition for fire extinguisher in all of Hashari Darussalam and is able to exported.

The substance is also lightweight and non-toxic, and if were inhaled would not causes any illness except for minor nausea, and other than that, it is a completely non-toxic substance. The substance is also used extensively in the Grand Akirinan Navy and Grand Akirinan Army for security purposes.